Ting Ting!! The door bell rang.

Diya : “Sai, open the door.It must be Neha”.

Shalini : “There comes our late comer.Hey Neha, can’t you come on time, at least for our monthly kitty party?”

Neha : “Phew!!I had to pick up my son from the violin class and then drop him at the soccer coaching camp.But I know, you are so sweet that you will wait for me.”

Reshma winked.

Reshma : “Ah ha!! Shalu, Next time, let’s start the party before Neha shows in..LOL”

Neha : “Hey!! Don’t do that.Am I not your sweetheart?How can you even think about such a matter?You broke my heart”.

Neha stabbed herself with her hands.

Diya : “Do you know my husband is telling me to resign my job?”

Reshma,Neha and Shalini : “WHAT?!!”

Diya : “yeah,didn’t you read about the curfew for women after 8pm?My husband is really worried”

Reshma : “But how can you stop working merely because there were rape cases.Do you know rape is happening all around the world regardless of the social strata ,geographical structure and the nation’s culture?”

Shalini : “Why can’t they keep a curfew for the men after 8pm?ROTFL”

High Five!!!

Diya : “I don’t know what to tell him or how to convince him.I have had a hard way to reach where I am today in my career.But seriously,even I am scared.”

Shalini : “It is scary indeed.These days even carrying a pepper spray is not making me feel safe.”

Diya : “Neha,Why are you silent?”

Reshma : “Thinking about how to break my heart?”

She pinched on Neha’s cheeks.

Neha : “What will you do if you get raped tonight?”

Reshma : “WT*!! How can you even think about such a matter?”

Diya : “Oye Neha,I am already tensed about the milieu and don’t add toppings.”

Neha : “How can we be assured that we don’t get raped at all?Shouldn’t we have a plan,a worst case solution,for ourselves?”

Diya : “I will kill myself for sure.I am sure that my husband will divorce me.Also,I the torture from the Police.media,family,relatives et al.No way.I will suicide for sure.”

Shalini : “I don’t know what to say.May be I will go mad.I am not sure.But still,what will I do if I get raped?”

Reshma : “I will elope to heaven.I can’t think about anything else.Fighting with the police to get the criminals arrested is one of the impossible tasks in India.Neha.do you have any solutions?”

Neha : “I will live my life to the fullest.”

Shalini : “Eh?Now does that mean?”

Neha : “If such a tragedy happens to me I will go straight to the ….”

Reshma : “…straight to the ?”

Shalini : “Police station,of course.Where else?”

Neha : “No!!”

Diya : “Then?”

Neha : “To the medical store.”

Shalini : “You won’t get cyanide in drug stores,madam”

Neha : “I will buy an i-Pill and swallow it immediately.”

Reshma : “yeah sensible.Then off to Police Station,right?”

Neha : “No,I go home,switch on the heater and then pour some Dettol.I will take a long hot shower and then sleep.”

Diya : ” Imagine the mental trauma,you won’t able to relax.”

Neha : “But I have molded my mind that way.In this country where people blame the victims and let the perpetrators be in the limelight,I don’t see another way to deal with it. Just because some morons plunged into my aura,doesn’t mean that I have to sacrifice my life.I have the right to live and I will live to the fullest.I don’t believe that a piece of tissue measures my purity.”

Shalini : “So you won’t file a complaint?”

Neha : “NO!!”

Diya : “So let those men go free?WTH!!”

Neha : “No,I won’t let them go free.”

Reshma : “Then?”

Neha : “I have a plan in my mind.I will explain to you in the next kitty party.My son will be waiting for me after the soccer class.”

Shalini : “Hey Neha,tell us the plan and leave.I can’t wait to listen to your master plan.”

Neha : “It is really late and I can’t keep my son waiting for long.After all I need to make sure that you don’t start the party without me next month.ha! ha! ha! Bye Bye!!I will catch you guys next month.Shalini,Should I drop you at home?”

Shalini : “Oh yes,I am coming with you.Bye people..will miss you.And Diya,I will punch you if you resign your job.”

Reshma : “Yeah,I will kick you out of our gang too.You better convince your husband”

Diya : “Huh!!yeah.Hey let’s join kick boxing classes.Wonderful,right?”

Shalini : “Your husband is already thin,why do want to fight with him?LOL!!”

Rakesh,Diya’s husband,came in after the work.

Rakesh : “Looks like you guys are having a good laugh.Am I allowed to know the reason?”

Reshma : “Nothing much Rakesh,Let’s leave.It is already late.”

Rakesh : “Okay.Bye ladies.Drive safe..Please.”

Diya : “Bye Sweeties..Muaaah!!text me once you get back home.”

After closing the door,Diya asked Rakesh.

Diya : “Can I ask you something?”

Rakesh : “What is it my darling woman?”

He kissed on her cheeks.

Diya : “What will you do if I get raped?”

Rakesh : “WHAAAAAAAAT?!!!!!”

GUESS the master plan of Neha OR/AND the reply of  Rakesh to win the “I LIVE MY LIFE” Award.

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