Memory Booster Capsules for the Court Witnesses

Mr.X : Swear by Almighty God that the evidence you will give will be the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Me : I swear by Almighty God that the evidence I shall give will be the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Advocate A : So Ms.Bhavia,my first question.On Feb 3,2003 at 3PM where were you?
Me : hmmm..I was in 11 Std then and since it was in the month of Feb, I must be in my class.
Advocate A : Must be,huh,Ms.Bhavia?
Me : I was in my class.
Advocate A : The honorable judge may note that the primary witness number 3 was in her class when the murder happened in the school.

Ms.Bhavia,did you notice anything peculiar with Mr.PQR that day?

Me : Who is PQR?
Advocate A : You don’t know Mr.PQR.He was the best friend of the murderer Mr.EFGH.
Me : Oh yeah.But we were not even friends.Even if we were friends,how will I remember the facial expressions of some person on a day 9 years back?I don’t even remember his face.
Advocate A : This is atrocious,Ms.Bhavia.The honorable judge may note that Ms.Bhavia is disrespecting the court.

Me : Respected Sir,it is really sad when the Indian judiciary expects common people like us to remember incidents that had happened a decade ago.Whatever I have told the court is nothing but the truth.I don’t remember Mr.PQR’s facial expressions,I don’t remember seeing a black colored ambassador car in front of my school that day ,and I don’t remember who all were sitting next to the murderer in the second bench of my class.

After many hearing sessions,the Judge declared on 22 March 2012.

Judge : Due to lack of evidence,the accused,Mr.EFGH,is freed from all the charges on the  murder case of  Mr.ABC that happened on 3 Feb 2003.

Though the above court scene is a slightly exaggerated piece,most of the court hearings happen this way.After many ‘eh’,’hmmm’,’oh’,’is it?’ and ‘I don’t know’ by the witnesses, the murderer or the rapist walk out of the charges on them due to lack of evidence.

If one thing I could change will be the way the case proceedings happen in the Indian courts.I would like to start a new and faster way to hear the witnesses before they pass away from the world or before their memories pass way from their brains.

Otherwise the Indian Government should introduce memory booster capsules in the country so that the rape victim or the witnesses can remember the faces of the criminals during the identification parade that may happen a decade after the crime.

*This post is an entry for the Stayfree’s Time To Change contest on Indiblogger.Read more about it on there Facebook page.


12 thoughts on “Memory Booster Capsules for the Court Witnesses

  1. did you post a similar article earlier too .. cause i got a de ja vu feeling reading this ..

    But yet the judiciary need a overhaul .. I was a called for Jury duty a couple of years back here in uk, it was a high profile murder case, the case started and went on till we the jury gave our verdict, more than 2 weeks , thats how it should be ..

    In india I have a property dispute going on and its been 9 years already it is still going on, God know what they are trying to investigate or prove.. I am at a position that i dont even care if the judgement went against me, I will be better off either way …. If they think I dont own the piece of land then fine give it to the ones who have taken over it ..

    Such is the attitude , so why would anyone want to trust in law …

    1. yeah I had written about rights of common man two years back..

      In india,people get fed up running behind the judiciary,that is why most of the cases get compromised with cash

    1. Thanks Hariharan 🙂
      I have always wondered why Govt is not taking an effort to change the judicial system procedures..may be current system is more beneficial for the politicians 😛

  2. You know what this reminds me of… Jessica Lall murder case, in which 33 witnesses turned hostile due to fear, pressure and greed! Something that I followed almost obsessively (like thousand others)…
    I do agree that shortcomings of our judiciary often become our undoing. I needn’t stress the importance of witnesses in a constitution. Unless one see the act in person, she/he can be swayed by a smart lawyer easily. But don’t witnesses have a sense of justice too? people could do with a bit of courage. Selective memory loss cant be cured by any capsule i’m afraid.

  3. Fabulous piece Bhavia! The way ‘proceedings’ sometimes proceed irks me no end. If things could be bettered, nothing like it.
    All the best for the contest.. 😀

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