The national daily,The Hindu stays really close to my heart that I rarely miss my two hours of reading the newspaper.It is a routine in the morning to cuddle on the couch,going through the headlines and then solving the Sudoku sipping my morning quota of milk.This morning when I solved a hard level Sudoku puzzle in 15-16 minutes,I realized that I have kept a close association with Sudoku for past 8 years.

Though I don’t remember the date,the Hindu introduced Sudoku puzzles in 2004 during my first semester vacation.I remember reading the rules for the puzzle and then wondering how to solve it. I was hearing about Sudoku for the first time then.It took a day’s hard work for me to complete the level 1 puzzle that day.

From then on,like The Hindu,even Sudoku got attached to my personal life.When I look back,I see my efforts in formulating new methods in solving the puzzle.Only today I noticed that I even have an algorithm of my own for solving it;though I never realized it until this morning.

Solving Sudoku is fun and I feel it has helped me think faster when it comes to placing the numbers in the cells.Once you get used with the puzzle,then your intuitions will help you greatly in guessing the positions of the numbers.

So for the folks who still consider Sudoku as a boring and a ‘waste-of-time’ activity,I would say it is not boring,it is not a mental torture and of course not a waste of time too.Solving the puzzles do make pleasant changes in your life;at times taking the newspaper during commuting or staying late at night to solve it or making you a couch potato on a lazy weekend evening.

And for all the Sudoku lovers,High Five!!

PS: For enthusiastic souls to learn more tricks –