Women’s Day Conundrums

We introduce celebration of days with themes either when the theme is endangered to existence or when the theme is neglected.Rarely people think about this stark truth during the hype and celebration of Women’s Day.Otherwise we would have NOT celebrated March 8th as Women’s Day and January 24th as National Girl Child Day;we would have not had forums and NGOs fighting for women and we would have not fell into a pathetic stage of having sex ratio of 940 women per 1000 males.Every year when we supposedly celebrate these two days,it is a warning reminding us that we are still on the verge of nonexistence and a larger group is still neglected even though on Women’s Day the media portray a few brave and determined women.That is why we don’t celebrate Men’s Day or run a campaign saying Save the Boy Child,because they are the preferred ones.

Though November 19th is celebrated as International Men’s Day,even men are not aware of such a day.They think that there is no Men’s Day and say that it is a discrimination.(All the men who opened their mouths out of surprise can close it now)

Once I heard a group of men laughing at the idea of Women’s Day,saying the world is being kind to women by giving a day to celebrate.All I told them was to remember that their Mother is also a woman.I would say women are kind to men and women are sympathetic to the world.UNFORTUNATELY there is a bit of sacrifice that women do for men.When you laugh at us saying ‘women are nothing‘,please remember that in your life you owe a lot to women.

Even when she knows that she got important tasks at work place,your mother must have still sat with you when you were sick;even when she knows that she is tired after a day’s work,your wife still makes a cup of coffee while you relax in your couch;even when she knows that you are wrong,she may shut her mouth only to keep up your ego;even when she knows that she is sleep deprived,she sacrifices her sleep so that you get to have your breakfast;even when she knows that she could have a brighter career,she still stays close to family so that you have your mother/wife close to you  and the list goes on.So before laughing at women,take a while to think about how much kindness and sympathy we show to you daily and you better respect it.Imagine how your life will be if she didn’t compromise on her dreams or her success or her life.There would have never been a woman job and man job in the family.I am glad that views are changing.

It is heartbreaking to realize that the number of rape victims are increasing exponentially year after year.It is a shame to show the world that in India,there is a rise of 700% in rape cases in 36 years.It is even more heartbreaking to see the pictures of rapists coming out of the court waving hands like celebrities and the media doing a special bulletin covering their personal life.

I dream about a world where women celebrate their lives round the year,they wear the clothes they like,they make decisions of their own and they are even allowed to come out of the womb.

Toast to all the women and the men folks who respect and love women!!


18 thoughts on “Women’s Day Conundrums

  1. YEah I did not know of the men’s day .. never heard of it and yeah closed my mouth as you asked 🙂

    Yes mother , wife does all that .. I do the same too towards them , when my mum was here living with us I cooked one meal and she did one ..

    I am sorry But I did not like that paragraph .. its got nothing to do with man – woman .. it is basically to do with being a human.. there is a still a MAJORITY of men who treat women with respect and care and love..

    I dont think things will change till this accusing of the other will stop, things dont change like that. because when a accusation is made the accused responds back too..

    It is sad that rape cases have increased but then has anyone ever given a thought of those MEN/boys who got raped ..

    See there are pros and cons of everything, it is how we convert the cons into pros which needs to be talked about.

    A woman has given birth to us YEs , but then a MAN is required to make that happen to , if man was not there , how would a woman give birth.. so end of the Day

    BOTH MAN – WOMAN are equal , no one if higher than either, saying men do this and that are we not doing the same .. what man did to woman… Till everyone thinks that way things will not change no matter what laws are passed no matter how many DAYS are created to celebrate..

    You have a great day Today and Every Other day .. 🙂

    1. U dont want 2 point fingers but u accused the humans of raping boys/men.thats accusing.so u say that raped boys get a higher priority?

      1. Excuse me .. Where did i say that .. about priority..
        “BOTH MAN – WOMAN are equal ,”.. I wrote that in BOLD too..

        Please do read the comment once again and then do reply back ..

        Accusing i meant as done everyone , men do this men do that .. This is not going to solve anything till those men who are doing it AE punished severly and made a example of ..

        all we do is TALK..

    2. Thanks Bikram 🙂
      It is not about accusing the men folks but when some men talk very cheap about their wives or when they laugh at them belittling their daily support,I do get hurt
      I appreciate your efforts in giving helping hands to Mom 🙂 Sweet son..

  2. Bhavia, the Men’s Day came as a surprise. And I thought we live in privilege. 😀
    A very valid post this is and you have highlighted the grey areas well. It is high time that we have more men who love and respect their women folk. Perhaps then, the newspapers would be less ugly to read every morning.
    I super like!

  3. Its a very good post and it all made me think and respect woman even more. Though I have some doubt over people like Poonam Pandey, Veena Malik and Rakhi Sawant. Your views?

      1. There are men who are dramatic but that genre is something different. Don’t you think so?

  4. Really good,but can u b more cliche?yes women r @ the receiving end for ages,but for that 2 end.women should realise & want a change.for themselves.not for others,not yhe next generation.but themselves.u can blame @ point fingers all u want,but in the end.if the self doesnt want 2 changechange,then wats the use..
    Wat do they say abt old dogs & new tricks?d

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