Evanesced Hindi Pop Albums

Years back,I used to eagerly wait for certain TV shows just to watch the videos of my favorite Hindi pop albums.Lucky Ali,Jagjit Singh,Falguni Pathak,Shaan,Chitra,KK,Ustad Sultan Khan,Bombay Vikings,Silk Route,Daler Mehandi et al were the top singers.Songs were very soulful that I still listen to them.I have always been in love with the video of the album songs.At times it made the teenage girl inside me blush with a grin or wander with aimless thoughts.

Today why is the music industry not interested in making pop albums?The last album which I heard was the Leja Leja Re and that was half a decade back.

I miss those wonderful lyrics of Gulzar Saab,the seductive voice of Jagjit Singh,the lively Falguni Pathak and the ever romantic Lucky Ali.

Come back!!!

Below is the list of my favorite album songs.

1)Gori Teri Aankhein Kahe – Lucky Ali and Kavita Krishnamurthy

Album :  Gori Teri Aankhein

I cried when I watched this album for the first time.This is my all time favorite.

2)Pal – KK

Album : Pal

Though the video didn’t make much sense,I was lost in the song.Such a beautiful one.I also love his another hit Yaaron Dosti too.

3)Yeh Kya Hua Teri Meri Pyar Ki Baatein – Shreya Ghoshal

Album : Tere Mera Pyar

A song that can make me shamelessly blush even today.

4)Maine Payal – Falguni Pathak

Album : Maine Payal Hai Chankkayi

Teenage fantasies portrayed very creatively.I liked the art work in the video.

5)Kitni Haseen Zindagi Hai Yeah – Lucky Ali

Album : AKS

I have been always in love with Lucky Ali’s voice.So this is another one which stole my heart.

6)Khoya Khoya Chaand – Babul Supriyo and Alka Yagnik

Album : Khoya Khoya Chaand

A song beautifully sung by Babul Supriyo.

7)Tere Baare Mein Jab Socha Nahi Tha – Jagjit Singh

Album : Saher

I love the lyrics of this song.The album ‘Saher’ in which this song comes is an awesome collection of melodious songs.Another song from this album which I like is ‘Tere Aane Ki Jab Khabhar Mehake‘.

8)Kacche Rang Utar Jaane Dho – Bhupinder Singh and Chitra

 Album : Sunset Point

Gulzar Saab Feat!!

This album has nine songs and they are simply awesome.If you have missed listening to this album,please do it.You will never be disappointed.

9)Piya Basanti Re – Ustad Sultan Khan and Chitra

Album : Piya Basanti

More than the title song of this album,my favorite song is ‘Shaam Dale’.I simply love that song.A song that I must have heard a million times till now.Chitra’s voice is magical.There are certain lines in that song which she has sung beautifully.But I couldn’t find the video for Shaam Dale.So if anybody has it,let me know.Anyway posting the video of Piya Basanti Re.

10)Leja Leja Re – Ustad Sultan Khan and Shreya Ghoshal

Album : Leja Leja

The last hindi album song which I watched.The video was not very appealing but indeed the song was.

13 thoughts on “Evanesced Hindi Pop Albums

  1. All these are my favourite too, I was crazy about these in my teens and somehow had almost forgotten about them 😦
    Thank you for sharing them and reminding me of those days when I used to listen to these non-stop on MTV and FM 😀

    1. Lucky Ali is too good..Once I came to Chennai only to attend his show and that was freaking awesome!!
      I am glad that I could bring back a lot of memories and I am sure that most of us have little things related with certain songs..
      I like Adnan Sami’s kabhi To Nazar Milao which he sang with Asha Bhonsle..Also his Tera Chehra album was really good

  2. what a great collection , I remember I became a fan of falguni when I was in ahemedabad for the navratri’s she was performing and so much energy on that stage I could not believe it …

    Lucky ali I did not listen much but would often hear my sis going ga ga over the songs .. I do like a couple of his songs though ..

    and jagjit singh well who can be better then him No one .. him and gazals written by gulzar or javed beutiful combination

    brought back a lot of memories

  3. Oh gosh Bhavia, what a collection! ALL these tracks are ones I remember tuning enthusiastically to. Even I remember waiting for the videos to show up on TV. The lyrics, the tunes, the feelings… I tell you, unforgettable stuff. Thank you! 😀

  4. Great compile. I remember Pal from a duet that KK did on a channel V program way back when, I have forgotten who. Ustad Sultan and Falguni Pathak are two other singers whose integrity and commitment to their style is very inspiring, aside from the fact that they are great singers. New to your blog, liking what I see.

    1. Thanks Subhorup and welcome to my blog 🙂
      Ustad Sultan Khan and Falguni Pathak are indeed great singers..Lets hope that they will come up with some albums soon..
      Keep visiting!!

  5. I see many of my fav songs here. And some I haven’t maybe. But now that you have reminded me of Saher, I simply have to go listen to it. Ciao!

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