So Are you A ‘Hobbyless’ Person?

My life is boring!!I want my a lively life!!’ slammed a friend of mine in agony.

What is your hobby?’ I asked.

I was aghast when she replied, ‘I don’t have a hobby!!’

I kept wondering how can someone have a lively life when they are hobbyless.

Hobby is an interest pursued outside one’s regular occupation and engaged in primarily for pleasure. When your interest is genuine, you will find time for it even if you are neck-deep with your daily activities.

Why should you have a hobby?

You may not get to do your favorite activities during the regular hours of life. So finding sometime to do things which you love is desideratum for your mental health. There is a difference in doing what you love and loving what you do. When you do things what you love, you do so with all your heart making it quintessential. But when you try to love what you do, you may end up doing things with half a heart. When you give your heart and soul to something, you become mentally alert which will make you creative, innovative and imaginative. A spot check on the early life of the achievers in the world manifest that they became big in life by turning their hobbies into work. So in a nut shell, hobbies can trigger your grey matter making you feel confident and happy.

Are hobbies only for the rich?

Hobby does not have any social stratum. Passions are inborn. You cannot create it but most of the hobbies get discovered either by chance or inspired by someone/some incident. Things fall in place when passion forms a fire inside you. As you will make efforts from bottom of your heart, the dénouement will be in favor of you. Saying that hobbies are only for the rich is just another irrelevant alibi.

How can I find a hobby?

Nobody is born as a dolt. Every person possesses an innate talent and the beauty of it is when we are successful in ferreting it out.Parents, teachers and elders do play a big role in the excavation process of finding the gem inside you. Aforementioned fire of passion will let you know its thereness for sure. So listen to your inner halloo.

Why do I give up half way?

The best solution will be to refrain from following the crowd while taking up a hobby. Living your life by looking at others can do more harm spoiling your anticipations.

What can hobby do to me/my life?

Hobbies can make you perspicacious and levelheaded in your favorite areas. The confidence you gain out of this can make you feel better both in your life and what you do in your life. Hobbies can enrich your life. It can ameliorate the way you spend your time in this world. May be all of us can’t make big in life, but isn’t it nice to outmatch ourselves in life?

So are you ready to get out of your hobbyless life?

23 thoughts on “So Are you A ‘Hobbyless’ Person?

  1. very true .. Hobbies are a must i think . to take your mind off things ..
    I have some which i keep doing .. play hockey weekends and gardening and other things ..

    usually when i am stressed or even when i am sick I get out and into my garden and do things and surprisingly it works and stress goes away..

    also its a good way of doing things that you have wanted to do for ages …

    so what are your hobbies then 🙂

  2. Wonderful article Bhavia. A hobby is indeed very important for a complete, happy life. Some people do not even realize that the ABC they like working at when they can could be a hobby and should be nurtured.

  3. A beautiful thought…hobbies are a must to let our brains relax and grow creatively.You are right, so many people fail to realize the importance of having a hobby and miss out on so many big & small joys associated with them 😀

  4. Totally agree that hobbies are important! I think though some people think a hobby has to be something big like collecting stuff (stamps, coins etc) but I reckon it can be as simple as reading or blogging.

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