And the Award goes to..

As my life is as hot,barren and dry as a desert,invocation from my friends for a pouring rain made me smile today.

So few minutes back,Debo tagged me for the prestigious Liebster Blog Award.

Thank you Debo for this award,like you said,it did cheer me up 🙂

So now let me give an opportunity for few of my well deserved blogger friends to do their part of grandiloquence after receiving this award 😛

According to the ritual of the tagging business,before announcing the winners,I am suppose to magniloquence about myself.So here it is.

Recondite facts about Me

1)People  say that I’m a kid masqueraded as a grown-up.But the truth is the other way round.

2)When I am depressed,I shop!! :0

3)For past 3 weeks I am dreaming about getting an iPhone 4S as a gift 🙂

4)I wish I get married in ten different rituals and of course to the same guy 😉

5)I fress when I am alone and thank God I never put on weight.

6)Even at the age of 25,I make my Mom hug me and sleep next to me when I’m home for a vacation.

7)I flaunt about my beautiful hair 🙂

And the winners are

1)Rajeswari -ssh raji@her_world

My soul mate and insane friend.I started my blog inspiring from her.But it’s been a while that she has written any posts.So let this award give her the mood to scribble out the wonderful sunrise we had.She maintains a pseudo-photoblog and her photography is awesome that she made me look sexy in some pictures 😛

2)Z – Zradar

My supporting pillar and my Pari’s beautiful Mom.It was an honor for me to baptize her to the blogging world.We share the bond of similar thoughts and views in life.At times I wonder,she is my twin heart.

3)Nidaa – Reclaiming Lost Marbles

My partner in crime.I think we have commensurate experiences in life.You can read about her pranks and eventful incidents from the past in her blog.

4)Nikhil -Random Thoughts

My kiddo elder brother who is younger to me in age but elder to me intellectually.An avid reader and an upcoming writer.

5)Zephyr – Cyber Nag

My favorite lady of blogosphere.Somebody who gives me an insight about relationships and family tie-ups.This is my way of showing my love for you Zephyr.Visit Chennai soon 🙂

6)Joshi – Tomato Blog

My satire blogger friend who shares the birth state and the mother tongue  with me.His posts makes you ROTFL so it is a highly recommended one.

7)Bikram – Me and My Random Thoughts

Singh is King!! says it all about him.You get into his blog and you will feel like you are entering into his life.


Now let me see those grins of happiness on your face.Happy blogging!!

Once again,Thank you Debo for making me smile 😀 😀

14 thoughts on “And the Award goes to..

  1. yayyyyyyyyyyy I win another one 🙂 and wow .. singh is indeed king now that you say it like that ..

    Thank you so much and congrats on the Win 🙂

  2. Some wonderful blogs there and I know just a few! Hopping over now to unexplored territory.
    And it’s great to see you smile. 😀 (and flaunt your beautiful hair? Ha ha… )

  3. Yaaay..I win another one….Thank you so much Bhavia..And congrats to you..Well deserved award this one is..Am so thrilled for those wonderful words you described me in..Thanks again..Hoping to see you sometime soon

  4. Okay.. so civilization demands that I thank you overmuch for the award & grin in glee. Mark that done 😉
    Am supposed to do a post in response to this eh?? :-/ Ok. . when I amass the energy to do that – will do.

    Till then, be happy with one silly post I put up 2day 😛

    1. When you talk genteelly with me,I feel so be my sweetheart insane brain for lifelong 😛
      Anyways,you are welcome baby 🙂 as always (I don’t have a choice :P)

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