Dumbest Experiences

Have you imagined a life without different experiences?

How bad our life would have been if there were no memories for us?Aren’t our experiences in life turning into an old guy as memories?

When life takes a roller-coaster ride we learn to control the ride through our experiences.That’s why we have our grand parents and parents to tell us their adventures to us so that we have an idea about the upcoming surprises in life.

I am sure that even the silliest and dumbest experience will turn out to wonderful memories after years.

Shouldn’t we have some surprise experiences of our own from which we learned small lessons ?Otherwise how can we boast to our coming generations?

Below is a list of experiences that I had in 25 years of life.

I was playing with my brother and friends and we were playing with paper rockets.I was 6 years old then.My paper rocket got stuck on the branches of a tree.So I threw a stone on to the tree to make my paper rocket fall down.I stood under the tree and looked up to see my paper rocket falling.But the stone came down before the paper rocket gifting me two stitches on my right eye brow which later became the permanent identification mark.Thus I learned that stone is heavier than paper and Newton’s law of Gravitation.

At the age of 10,I had to struggle with my short-tempered mannerisms and egoistic attitude.While playing cricket,the cricket ball got lost in the bushes of neighboring house.My brother and friends were reluctant to search for the ball.They told that there was a new dog in that house,also last week the boys saw a snake in the bush.But being very adamant I went in search for the ball.Two minutes later,they saw me running at a speed of 100 miles/hour with a stick in my hand having snake’s shredded skin, the dog chasing me and me howling at top of my voice.That was a wonderful lesson.Thereafter I always heed what my juniors tell me.

By dreaming the high-heeled shoes,at the age of 16,I understood “what all not to do while wearing a pointed high-heeled shoes”I wore it and ran down five floors of the staircase for not to miss my bus.But one of the pointed heels broke during my adventurous running and I broke my right ankle.Though I expected to have a 10 days break from the school,unfortunately my Mom had made arrangements to take me to school.That was the first and last time I wore a high-heeled shoes.Today I am a big fan of flat sandals 😦

How much ever we grow up we are never better than our parents.My 21st birthday was a disaster which I celebrated with food infection.My Mom stayed with me in my room in the hostel.Though she wanted to help me in taking the medicines,I refused as I was a proud last year engineering student with a job.Five minutes after having the medicines,I vomited my soul out which made all the undigested hostel food go out of my stomach.But anyway I got cured from the food poisoning as my stomach became clean and clear.I was blessed to have the most embarrassing moment of my life,when the next day my Mom found out that I had vomited last night because I swallowed the karvol plus capsules which we use for inhalation.I had forgotten to check the medicine packets while arguing with my Mom about being a grown up girl.I swallowed the karvol plus capsules for my Vitamin E Evion 400 capsules.Moms are always great and they will always know more things than us.

Though we think that we are the boss of our life,sadly it is not that way in office.Taking a day off  for our best friend’s wedding during a project launch is a difficult task.We cook up stories and situations to make others feel that we are sick.We walk like a zombie so that our boss thinks that we are terribly sick.After completing the drama,we transform into a beautiful bride’s maid next morning only to find out that the groom is our boss’ nephew.You see the boss sitting in the front row of the crowd dressed up for giving the blessings for my best friend and her husband.What a day!!Then I realized that I am bad at lying and cooking up stories.So better tell the truth.

Cooking is an awesome area to experiment if only we eat whatever we had experimented.I cannot embarrass myself by revealing the blunder I made while cooking that day.The lesson learned is never do experiments in cooking when the guest is tired and hungry after sitting through a conference skipping the lunch and snacks.

So what are your dumbest experiences? 🙂

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33 thoughts on “Dumbest Experiences

  1. Ouch! You really broke your ankle because of high heels? That must really suck. On the bright side, you won’t ruin your posture and your spine because of uncomfortable shoes!

  2. Cooking, my first attempt- chicken gravy resulted in some soup,
    even my pet wasn’t interested to taste it, she just smelled & gave me her weird look!!
    It was then i learnt, I shouldn’t cook anything when mom is not around me to help 🙂

  3. Ha ha… oops I am not laughing. I am nodding in approval. 😀 These are wonderful anecdotes and have pearls of wisdom entrapped in their being. 😛
    I never wear high heels. I get teased and called names such as ‘the pillar’. 😦
    And most importantly, I can’t cook to save my life. But I am learning. I have been watching Masterchef you see. 😀

    1. Ha..master chef didn’t help me anyway ;(
      But one good thing is after being a dumb for quite sometime in the kitchen,I think I learned pretty ample lessons 😉

  4. Okay you made me laugh especially that lying incident! I mean mistaking inhalation pills for Evion or breaking your ankle for high heels was unfortunate and can happen to anyone.

  5. I bow to thee, O Evolved One! I mean, learning from one’s mistakes is great, which is why we are given the ‘opportunity’ to make them in the first place 🙂

  6. Enjoyed your “Dumbest experiences”… We always laugh at moments in the past when we ended up at the heights of embarrassment.If to share my own side of story…. ooh it goes like an endless list… i would like to share one though.

    It was wen i was in fourth standard… i was passing by my neighbor’s house to go to the grocery shop. To reach the main road,it was about another 100 meters. while passing by the neighbor’s house his dog was sitting in front of the gate like a statue with chest held up.At the first look i was terrified but then i gave it a strange look as though warning him..”If you dare to move.. that’s it !” It seemed like he knew telepathy. He didn’t move a bit. i was singing a song with plastic cover in my hand and heading towards the road. Not even a single person was there in that area at that time. While walking, i could hear footsteps of something approaching from behind at a fast pace. I turned around, and my heart beat stopped literally. The statue dog was running towards me like an angry beast ! What am i supposed to do? i screamed at the highest frequency i could attain as though the captain at a war end would cry out “Attaaaack !” To my surprise and because of the people who pray for me… the dog applied a DISC brake and flew back. I WON !!! But that was so embarrassing that i was sure the people on the roads would have heard me… and again i walk towards the road with a relief more than the embarrassment that i am alive…..

    1. ROTFL!!
      don’t worry Akhi..such incidents are worth in our life..
      Our life would have been a dry and bored one if we never had any dumb experiences 🙂

  7. How did I miss this one??? I should have had the first comment & it shd have said “karvol plus & ur phone call the next day. . .LMAO. . ROTFL. . HAHAHA. . my tummy hurts. . [wipes tears]”

    This is why u shdn’t blog when I am busy working for confy!! 😛

    1. paavi!! 😛

      laugh..laugh and laugh.. 😡

      I still remember you laughed for more than five minutes after hearing my story..what to do?
      i’m a genius in such matters 😛

  8. I do have many dumb experiences, but I don’t seem to be learning anything from it, so I keep doing it again and again and get a lot of stick in the process. Once when my boss was on leave I wrote a mail to one my office mate telling the boss was away and whether he would be interested to go with me for a movie, and by mistake send the mail to the boss himself – unbelievable, but true. Only god knows how much drama I played to come out of the situation unscathed. And later after several months I did something like that again!!. The boss and my friend have the same first name and I always send mail without checking the recipient’s name properly.

  9. Your post reminded me of my dumbest experience, once I had given the inhalation capsules,he same green one to my maid for stomach ache mistaking it to pudeen Hara,but took it back on time 😉

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