Favorite Hits of 2011


Theeye Theeye – Chappa Kurish

The song comes at the right time in the movie making us feel the helplessness of the characters.

Amruthamaay – Sneha Veedu

I am a great fan of Sathyan Anthikkad and I don’t miss out watching any of his movies.But Ilayaraja failed to show any innovation.But I loved this song mainly because of the beauty of the video and Hariharan did his job nicely.

Melemanath – Manikyakallu
There are chances that people must have not noticed this song.But I would say Devanand has sung it so beautifully that we will feel like we are walking through the roads of a village.

Ee Puzhayum – Indian Rupee

This song from Indian Rupee will be one of the feats of Vijay Yesudas.Though Ranjith didn’t do the choreography of this well,I am sure people must have not bothered about the video.This soulful melody will soothe your ears.

Sayyave –  Christian Brothers

Another romantic number from Sankar mahadevan after pich avecha muthal.I think Lakshmi rai did add a flavor to this song by her beauty.Not a different one but still good.
Annan  – City of God
A tamil fast track number which can make you dance.I really liked the beats in the background.

Mazhathulli  – Pranayam

This is my favorite song of the year.Vijay Yesudas with Shreya Ghosal had done a magic with their voice.But AWESOME movie;I must say.
Chembavul  – Salt ‘n’ Pepper

Ah!!I was taken to my Mom’s kitchen after hearing this song.I recommend not to listen to this song if you are hungry.A Mouth-watering song!!
Oru madhura kinavin – Theja bhai and family

I liked the remixed version more than the original version because I heard the former one first.The choreography of the song of good though Akhila was seen out-of-place in the video.And of course Prithviraj simply rocked in this song video.
Pakalin  – Traffic

Though it was just a promo song,i would say it was a beautiful song.I liked the finishing part of the song.
Ariyumo  – Khaddama

A beautiful melody from Karthik.The song contained the pain of the heroine.
Chimmi chimmi  – Urumi

Manjari did a great job by singing this song.I am sure people will remember her for a long time.The video of the song was a cute one.




Criminal – Ra.One

Akon’s master piece and Kareena’s booty steps!!
I love you – Bodyguard

Sung by Ash King, Clinton Cerejo.Beautiful song..I used to feel like I am falling in loving all over again.I simply LOVE it.

Chori kiya re – Dabbang

A romantic melody from Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghosal.A good one.

Aadat hai woh – Patiala House

For a difference,Akhshay Kumar was calm and quiet in most of the scenes.I like this song as its slow.A good one to listen while going to the bed.
Te amo – Dum Maro Dum

Te amo means ‘I Love You’ in Spanish and for me it has a loads of memories.
Khabon ki parindey –Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

A soulful song which makes me dream a lot.A song which can take you far away from the present world.
Kun Faya Kun – Rockstar

I love Sufi related songs.I can listen to them a million times.Insha Allah!!

Katiya Karun – Rockstar

The only creative song of the year.In rest of the songs,there will be at least one part of the song where we will feel like ‘ah we have heard this bit some where’.

Rabba Mein Toh – Mausam

A lovely song.A song which captured the feeling crush!!



7 thoughts on “Favorite Hits of 2011

    1. Its a Punjabi folk?
      I never knew it..but I like the transitions in the music..and the background beats too..
      Even I have not watched those two movies 😉 high five

    1. Thanks Debo 😉
      Do post your list soon..
      I have not watched rockstar yet..but addicted to the songs…
      Actually I didn’t watch any of the diwali releases too..

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