Is there a law to punish “these” parents?

Five minutes back I was waiting for an auto at the nearby signal.There was a small boy aged around 7-8 years crossing the road.He was wearing an oversized football jersey.He looked all tensed and in hurry when he saw a police patrol car parked some 10 meters next to where I was standing.

When he realized that the policemen were staring at him,he tried to hide something which was there in his trousers’ right pocket.I thought he stole something from somewhere.So I walked behind him to see whether he gets caught by the police or not.He tried to run when the policemen again stared at him and they caught him.

I didn’t know what to do so just stood next to them.The boy didn’t take his hands from the firmly covered pocket.The policemen asked him whether he stole something but he tried to run away from their hands.After grabbing him back they took THE thing from his pocket.It was a bottle of brandy.Upon asking he told that his father and friends were waiting for him to start their Sunday boozing.It was his father who gave money and sent him to the alcohol shop.WHAT THE #%&*?

Isn’t there any law to punish these people?

More than punishing the parents,I worry about the kid.Imagine the impact he had when caught by police and surrounded by people?Wouldn’t that stay deep inside his heart for long?


14 thoughts on “Is there a law to punish “these” parents?

  1. This is sad..Rem the the incident of 9yr old raping a 1.5yr old girl? He watched his father seeing blue film and wanted to try it on someone..Good or bad is cultivated from within the family..And parents ahve to be responsible on what they pass onto the next gen..

    1. I felt terrible seeing that in the middle of policemen and much it must have wounded him?If people need to booze,why on earth can’t they go and buy it?Pathetic angry..I just can’t forget that boy’s sweated face..

  2. Well the thing is when the police goes aways the poor kid will be beaten up .. so it will make things worse ..

    dont know what to do about such parents why they make kids when they cant take care of them

  3. Oh yes. I’m sure there are laws preventing a minor from being in possession of alcohol. Unfortunately, the police might well never prosecute the parents…cause it’s India.

    But I may be doing an injustice to them. Who knows what they did?

  4. Often children have an ability to forget the real unpleasant encounters .. however, if a father like that sends a child to buy his alcohol, probably he could be abusing the child in other ways too ..

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