Infected by Writer’s Block Virus

The last post which I posted was on 26th August 2011;i.e. 65 days back.Occasionally I got a couple of comments and emails inquiring about my disappearance in the blogosphere.

Lately I realized that the writer’s block virus infected me which inhibited me from writing anything.But I recovered from it today,this moment.So here is my experience during the infection.

Before being infected,there was always an urge to write about a zillion things.So whatever thoughts that came to my mind,end of the day I could just shed it on my blog and feel relieved.There was a story in everything I saw and heard.I was not lazy to write.Once I open my WordPress,I can write it in a stretch.

During the infection time,my brain went restless.There were a lot of things that I wanted to write and discuss with the world,but I just couldn’t.The moment I open my blog,I feel lazy,bored and irritated.Instead I started reading more and more;almost like 7-8 books a month.My brother shouts at me seeing the growing pile of Flipkart card board boxes at the balcony.From English books I shifted to reading more of Malayalam books.In short there were more books surrounding me than I had it during school days.I started reading screenplays and dragged him for movies every weekend.All I wanted to do was to read and eat.Work,toastmasters,dance class and cooking made me busy when I was not reading.

Last night my head was  telling me to write out and finish off the frustration.So the first post I had in my mind was to write about the inhibited days.

At last I am cured.So keep checking for daily posts as I have LOADS to write.

20 thoughts on “Infected by Writer’s Block Virus

  1. I’d the very same problem a few days back.It was frustrating to have so many things to say & not being able to find the perfect words for them! 😦
    Thankfully I am normal now 😛 What a relief!

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