In search of “some” innocence

These days I am disturbed when I read through the leading Malayalam newspapers. Under the pages tagged as “Naattu Varthamanam” which means “Local News”, I can see news only about rape, abuse and murder.

The shocking news was about the murder of a 4-year old girl by a 10-year-old neighbor boy. It was unbelievable that he had molested her many times and the last time when the girl cried after the rape, he suffocated her to death.


While we were kids, parents taught us not to harm even an ant. There were times when we run back to Mom and cry after watching an accident or seeing somebody hurt. Today the feelings of empathy have vanished in kids. My colleague was telling her neighboring kid announced that he will kill his Mom if she doesn’t buy him a particular bicycle. Do you know in which class he study? 3rd standard!!

15 years back, I was 10 years old. I didn’t even know what sex was. There was so much innocence inside us then. Everybody in the class was our friends regardless of gender. Those days silly fights, childish jealousy and warm friendships were silly, childish and warm. A hidden flavor of “SEX” never came in between those innocent friendships. The friendships were healthy. But today things have changed. I think 7-year-old kids know more about sex than the elders.

Last week I read about the dark side of a 5th standard boy. He had come to stay in his uncle’s house. He “used” his uncle’s 1-year-old baby girl for his pleasures. The parents wondered why the baby cried non-stop without any reason. The doctor found out the truth only when the girl developed rashes at her private areas. Imagine the plight of that mother who took care of her brother’s son like her own son. He was just 9 years old.

We cannot blame the kids as they grow up watching the elders. Now we can see grandfathers having pleasure in pampering the neighbor’s kid, fathers selling their daughters, mothers forcing their daughters into prostitution, uncles taking nieces granted for their fantasies, classmates acting as lover boys and teachers teaching the first lessons of sex.

PS: Looks like now we should hunt for something/someone to symbolize innocence. Kids are no more innocent.

32 thoughts on “In search of “some” innocence

    1. even I was stunned when I was told about this..
      im not sure whether this is an act of a pervert because kids must have not grown to that level of pervertness..may be they are trying to experiment it out..not sure..

  1. Very well written post…

    Kids are innocent. However, everything that goes along with their growing up, leads them to go promiscuous. Economic disequilibrium, frustrating failure in father-mother relationship, cheapness of mobile phones and easy access to adult materials are effacing the innocent colours from their faces. Elders are destroying children.

    1. in most of the cases kids either watch a bit of blue film or the porn magazine and then dig in deep out of curiousity..same way with the cell phone too..people should stop carrying pornographic clips and pics in their cell phones..

  2. Sad. But, true.
    This is the harsh new reality. 😦
    The parents should ingrain the values deeply into their child so that this doesn’t happen.
    Otherwise, all hell is going to break loose in a few years from now, when these kids grow up. God bless the Mumbai Police, then. 😛

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    1. parents are busy that they get very little time to spend with their kids..we cannot completely blame the parents for lack of their time with kids,because managing both work and home is not that easy

  3. you are actually right, but i should say partly right
    in this age kids are also becoming smarter, and that is also very necesary and is the good part of it….
    if we compare it with the overall kids in india, and such type of incidents, then it will be a less in number ( ihave not checked, it ican be wrong, but that is what i believe), everything comes with two sides, so may be this is the bitter side…
    well written, just wnated to share my thoughts

    1. you are are smarter now..but there is a pitfall while becoming comfortable with the usage of cell phone and laptop with internet are smarter even to delete the temp files and history and they even use incognito for browsing..cant help it

  4. SO very true SO TRUE .. the innocense is lost in kids with all the media and mtv and Tele stuff going on …

    Kids are learning things that we learnt when we were almost adults .. so although they are leearning yet I feel they are getting closer to Bad influence and other things that can happen…

    Its a pity though that almost everywhere the news is about such things and the media hypes it tooo a bit … Dont know where we are running to

  5. I am shocked beyond words. Not that incidents like these are unheard of, but compiled together like that, they do not see, few and far between. They seem like glaring hometruths of a degraded world. I am at a complete loss for words.

    1. when we read it in newspapers or watch it on television it wont prick much..but when we see/hear it from somebody we know,then we will almost faint:(

  6. I guess these things are just another side of the coin. We think that humans are becoming more civilized but these are the dark part of the picture which is hard to cover.
    I wont blame the kids for this. I agree they are intelligent, but its just their brain, not their moral values. Humans,especially kids are always curious. In our time, we also did ‘evil’ things to feed our curiosity. May be we didnt know about sex, so we didnt try it. But now kids know about it, so they are trying it. For them its like playing with a toy.
    I would only blame society. Nowadays people are so into money making that they dont take much time to spend with kids. People think that “make more money and settle in life”. In a way we are so narrow minded that we cant see we are losing something that we are trying so hard to retain.

    And sadly all these kind of similar posts doesnt affect people much. They will read it, think that its the truth, will comment “nice post” and they move on back “saying its not practical”…:(

  7. Its shocking. Do the kids even know what they are doing? I think they get influenced because of bad exposure they get on the net/ others & mainly due to neglect from the ever busy parents. Parents should be held responsible for their kids actions at such a young age.

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    1. parents’ busy schedule do make a difference..most of them leave their kids with the house maids or kids may be alone at they have the liberty to do try anything

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