School Days – 3

I held the edge of the bench out of fear when I saw my first teacher of my life walking into the class.For the first time I realized that even hands and legs could sweat.The student maids told us to stand up and wish her a good morning.But only some of us stood up while majority of the kids sat on their seats wondering what to do.

She kept the books on the table and then talked to us.Her name is Shobana and we were suppose to call her Shobana Madam.She talked to us for more than five minutes but I could understand only those two matters.

It was snacks time and Mom came to me and fed me with milk and biscuit.I felt like heaven when she hugged me.One hour inside the classroom was terrible for me.After the snacks break,even the parents sat in the class.Madam explained the parents what all they need to check and take care while sending us to school.A long bell rang and I understood that if a bell is rung,then we can go home.

By the time I reached home I was tired,so I had an early lunch and slept.When I woke up in the evening,I heard my Mom telling to my Grandparents about my school.When I went up to the dining table,I understood that they are discussing about who will drop me and pick me up from the school.Anyway that is their headache,so I took my tumbler of milk and went to the bedroom.I kept the hot tumbler on my brother’s thigh to wake him up and then he started crying.When Mom came into the bedroom,she understood that he is crying because I have done some prank on him.She went away taking him in her hands giving me a serious look.I frowned at her and shouted that I don’t like him at all and I don’t want a brother too.Phew!!after that guy coming into the family,everybody is behind him.But I will not allow him to sit on my father’s lap at any cost;that’s my place;only my place.I didn’t drink the milk protesting for that serious look of my Mom.Later I made my Mom accept the deal of giving me ten kisses to drink the milk.

After dinner,though Mom told me to make my school bag ready I didn’t heed to her.Instead I went for sleep as I had my own plans.When I covered myself in the blanket on that pouring night of June,I was thinking how I can miss the next day’s class.But inside my tiny head,not even tiny ideas were originating and I slept off.

Next day morning started with fights and my crying on top of my voice.I wrapped myself in the blanket and didn’t allow my Mom to unwrap me.When she tried too hard,I bit her hard on her wrists and she pulled her hands out of pain.But when Dad came and kissed me I stopped crying.He promised me that if I go to school today,next day he will drop me at school.I was too young to know that all the promises made by the elders are often not kept.So I got ready for the school and my auto rickshaw had come with a couple of kids looking like me.Everybody except my brother came till the gate to put me inside the rickshaw and they told me to smile and they waved hands at me.I sat at the middle of two boys whose names were Abdul Aziz and Abdul Razak which I came to know during the attendance calling session in the class.

That day when teacher told us to write the alphabets,only myself and two other boys wrote it correctly and I got a dairy milk chocolate as an accolade.I felt like top of the world.This is the second time I am getting a dairy milk chocolate as a present.First time was when I was in play school,the teacher told us to sit quietly after lunch till the class ended.She promised us that the winner will get a chocolate.I even controlled my pee as we need to ask for permission to go to the toilet.If I ask permission then,I may lose the competition.So till the bell rang,I kept my mouth shut and didn’t even move from my place.At last when the bell rang,she declared me as the winner and gave me the chocolate..

I kept the chocolate till the long bell rang and once I got inside the rickshaw,I shared it with Aziz and Razak.The rickshaw first went to their house as they were cousin brothers and stayed in the same house.I waved my hands to tell them bye.Next day morning,when the rickshaw came,everybody wished me a good morning and I wished them back.That became a habit for us as our driver taught us to do so.For next two days I didn’t see Aziz and only Razak came to school.Upon enquiring,Razak told that Aziz lied to his mom that he is sick.Then I asked him how to lie and he explained me what all I am supposed to tell.

Next day morning I tried telling whatever Razak had told me and I tried to enact the behavior too which he had showed me from the class.As Mom was on leave due to my brother’s fever,she told me not to go to school.Alas!!I lied.I was happy that the trick worked.

That was the first time I lied in my life.When was the first time you lied in your life?Let me know.


Raji , Z , Nidaa , Debo , Free Spirit , Bikram

12 thoughts on “School Days – 3

  1. ha ha _ good post. Lying..yes, I wish I had learnt to lie. But I always get caught when I lie so Im waiting for the day when i can be a succesful liar. Yes.
    School days can be hard on children. Till they learn to love them.

    1. I used to think that I was a very god liar as parents used to believe everything until they told me about how they both used to laugh behind me when I lie them 😡

  2. I was a naughty boy when i was growing up, but that was probably befcause of the fact i was the only male child in the family for a long long time 🙂

    My school days were in hostel and it was not good 😦

    Thanks for tagging and surly will do it , Thank you

    1. by being the only male chile,you must have been the ball of their eyes 🙂
      Anayway let me know once you write about the tag 😉

  3. Aha… a lovely post about little, harmless white lies. 😀 White lies are such an intrinsic part of our persona now: the dress looks good on you, of course I don’t mind waiting. It strikes me as cute now how simplified our childhood days were.
    I have always been a good little girl you see. 😀 But I will surely take the tag up.

    1. ah ha..I would love to read about with a pinch of your usual rock writing even the serious matters in such a light way

  4. Oh I have always been able to lie with such an innocent manner that people never question… Was a high-strung drama-queen and always knew to get my own way by making the rest of the world appear villainuous. You tell me… I’ve changed no?

    1. I always thought I was able to lie with an innocent matter..but after my parents diclosing that they knew clearly about my lies,my confidence I can’t lie at all 😦
      I think you have changed a lot..I think whatever you told me was before we both being friends 🙂

  5. Oh big time lying is something that I find difficult to do personally but small white lies why not? Our work makes us lie sometimesdoesnt it? For e.g if we work for a company that makes a particular brand of a product we tell the world that it is the best whether it is or it isn’t! I also ward off people I dont want to talk to over phone by telling them I am in a meeting and I tell my daugther that all her friends’ spend their evenings studying till 9PM ( not sure if she beleives me though)

  6. Oh…Am sure I wudnt remember this much detail howmuch ever I try..Good memory girl… And lying..Yeah!!Not bad unless it is not gonna hurt anyone..But i cant recollect when was the first time i lied 😦 i remember the worst ones though…

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