School Days – 2

While walking to the kitchen I peeped into grandparents’ room. Those two fought round the clock ;even while sleeping. Grand dad is a calm and quiet man but Grand mom is a beautiful and talkative queen. My relatives who visit us often comment that I am the replica of my Grand mom but not in looks. I saw Grand dad sleeping peacefully as the pitch of his snoring was high. Lying next to him Grand mom was flipping herself indicating that she is not liking the tone of snoring. I giggled and walked away.

“Ah ha, here comes my school girl!!”

Thank God!!At least there is one person who is concerned about my first day in school. She hugged me tight but when she felt wet while holding my bum, she gave me a serious look and then smiled. I grinned at her and ran out of the kitchen door to take my toothbrush.

Within one hour my house fell into a celebration mood. Mom took a half day off to take me to the school. Though I took bath by myself, she again took me to the bathroom for a bath. My grandparents were waiting eagerly to see me dressed in the school uniform. Grand dad sat on his wooden push back chair and Grand mom sat on the floor stretching her legs and patting them. My Dad is her favorite kid so like a commentary; she was explaining my Dad’s first day in school and the bundle of accolades that followed him later in his academic life.

I was extremely happy as nobody was caring about my baby brother. He cried to his top of the voice but nobody looked at him except that Mom went to him and told him some sweet words. I felt like the world is celebrating my first day in school. I gave a devilish grin to my brother and laughed at him. He again cried but as it was my day, God couldn’t help him. So finally I was dressed up to go to school.

I wore a white shirt and a grey frock over it. A tiny tie around my neck made me uncomfortable but when I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt great. I couldn’t count how many kisses I got on that day. I had a short hair like the boys so my Mom made me wear a white hair band matching with the uniform. I was promoted to small from tiny after getting inside my socks and shoes.

Wow!!I said to myself.

My first day to the play school was the worst day in my life. Actually I didn’t attend the first day in my play school. Unfortunately (fortunately for me), my parents took my Grandparents too on the first day to my play school. As both my parents are working, it will be my grandparents who will be dropping me to and picking me up from the play school. I have never stayed away from my Mom for a long time. Even when she goes for work, she will come home for lunch. But the thought of staying in the play school for full day without seeing her made me shattered. I made such a bad scene by crying that both Grand Dad and Grand Mom cried with me. They scolded my parents for making me go to play school at such a small age. Though my parents argued with them to make me stay in the school, they dragged me out of it and took me home.

I went to my brother and lay down next to him. I leaned to kiss him and look like he was also happy for me. He smiled at me and made sounds unknown to me. But I knew that he was happy so I kissed him once more.

I waved to Grandparents while getting out of the house.Dad, Mom and I walked to the school.

Even 1 km before reaching the school, I saw a crowd moving to the direction of school. All the kids looked alike. We also followed the crowd.

School was crowded with parents and kids. It had a not so big playground with see-saw and merry-go-around. The building didn’t look that great. Till the new building’s construction is over, classes will be conducted here it seems. I was proud when I saw a lot them crying without any shame. Dad left for work and Mom took me to a class and made me sit there. When she gave me my school bag having a design of some flowers, I felt that I fell into some unknown world. By the time I came back from my thoughts, she had already left the classroom. I didn’t even hear what she told me before leaving me in this noisy junkyard.

I looked around me. All I could do was to cry because whoever cried, their parents were called inside the classroom.

When my Mom came back, tears were rolling down from her eyes. At least I stopped crying upon seeing her but she just couldn’t control her tears.

The bell rang!!

The maids to help out the students told all the parents to leave the room. I am sure even the cruelest man will cry if he saw us crying on that day. My Mom left the classroom with the other parents. Within 10minutes all of us stopped crying. We understood that even if we cry, they are not going to let our parents in.

The maids announced that our class teacher is on her way. They comforted us saying our dearest teacher is coming and to keep silent. As I was sitting in the corner of the first bench next to the door, I was the first one to see the teacher.

I saw her coming towards my class.

To be continued…

10 thoughts on “School Days – 2

    1. I realized that my memory is so good only when I started making drafts for this series..I think you should also try remembering childhood..there will be much more than what we actually remember

  1. // I made such a bad scene by crying that both Grand Dad and Grand Mom cried with me.

    //I am sure even the cruelest man will cry if he saw us crying on that day.

    Haahaa !! 😀

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