School Days – 1

Suddenly I felt cold as if somebody sprinkled water on me.But when I moved the thick black blanket from my face I realized that it is the early morning drizzling of rain.I checked my hands and legs to see the goose bumps making my tiny body full of tiny thorns.Like my Mom had taught me I rubbed on my hands and legs to get rid of the shivering body.I touched my bum to see whether I have peed while sleeping.Unfortunately my night pants was wet.I rubbed my hands against the suit and removed the blanket completely and sat down.

Usually I get up before everyone but my mom.Then I will go straight to kitchen and my mom will pat on my bum once when she notices that it is wet.I will jump to reach the knob of the kitchen door to open it.Once I give up,Mom will open it for me.My toothbrush is kept in a sky blue plastic holder hung on the outer wall of the kitchen.After taking my toothbrush and Close-up toothpaste,I will peep into the kitchen to see whether Mom is watching me.After making sure that she is busy I will squeeze the toothpaste to the toothbrush.I will keep the tooth-brush on the grinding stone and I will again squeeze some toothpaste into my hands.Once again I will check my Mom to make sure she is busy.Then I will slowly lick my palm and I will smile once the toothpaste dissolves in my saliva.Before I could lick for the second time,I heard her shouting.It is my grand mom;Dad’s Mom.

“Phew!!!what can we do with this kid?Today you ate the  toothpaste,who knows whether you won’t eat soap tomorrow!!”

I struggled to take out my hands as she was holding it tight.I cried making my face look really bad.Tears flowed down through my cheeks like a waterfall.I kept wiping my nose with her wrists.As she is very particular about cleanliness,she shooed me away leaving me free.I jumped the two steps to reach the courtyard and looked back to see her.I mocked at her and again licked inside my palm and ran to the bathroom which was outside our house.

Grand mom waved her hands as if she wants to beat me hard but I had already reached the bathroom steps.Mom stood at the kitchen door and smiled.

“you are making her naughty.It’s a girl.Better remember that”,Grand mom told this and went back to her room.

“She is just four!!”,Mom replied and looked back to see my Dad sitting at the dining table.

He waved me through the window next to the dining table and I called out for him.But the toothpaste foam fell out from my mouth making funny stains on my night-clothes.


I called out for him and ran from the bathroom but I slipped hitting a brick.Bricks are kept in the courtyard for the ease of walking to the bathroom when rain fills our backyard.Since it was my mistake I didn’t cry.When Dad and Mom ran to pick me up from the slippery courtyard,I was happy to see their concern towards me.I imagined how much jealous my brother would have been if he was not 6 months old.But when Mom kept a cotton dipped in Dettol,I really cried.Dad kissed me on my head and carried me to the bed.

I lay next to my baby brother and gave Dad a sad face.He left the room without acknowledging me.I went back to sleep and woke up only at 9 am when my brother cried after peeing.

Till yesterday my life was this way,but from today onwards it is going change.

Last week Mom and I went to the newly built school at Thazhepalam.It was the school inauguration ceremony.I met two of my nursery school friends who came with their parents.Though our parents talked to each other,I talked only with Shameena.I never liked Shihab as he is elder to both of us and he always gave me killing looks.While we were in nursery school,once he pinched me leaving his dirty nail marks on my hands.I held Shameena’s hands tight out of fear.I think she held my hand more tight.There was a fair,tall and beautiful teacher in the school.I wished she be my teacher.She smiled at me twice.Once when she was giving me sweets and then when Mom was filling up the admission form.But upon reaching home,Mom told a stout and dark teacher who passed serious commands to rest of teachers will be my teacher.

Today is my first day in school.I kept thinking sitting on the bed what to do.My brother and Dad were still asleep.I can hear some noises from the kitchen.Grand dad is having sound sleep as he is snoring.Why does nobody have a tension that I am going to school today?

Two weeks back Dad had bought Siyaram’s Grey color and white color cloth for stitching my uniform.Mom has already pressed that last night and it is kept in the second shelf of the almirah.I was happy when I tried out the uniform three days back.But today when I think of going to school wearing the uniform,I have butterflies inside my stomach.

I looked at my brother once more and got out of the bed.

“Will that stout woman be teacher?God please help me.I don;t want her as my teacher”.

I prayed while I was walking to the kitchen.

To be continued…

14 thoughts on “School Days – 1

  1. Nostalgic… brought back memories .. I was a OUTSTANDING student myself .. Why you say.. well i was always STANDING OUT of the class.. 🙂

    looking forward to the next part…

  2. Haha.. that was fun.. Dad is a bank employee and I have changed schools every 2 or 3 years.. And this was my situation everytime i joined a new school, even the 9th, I guess I was crying then too.. 😐

  3. haaa.. this is wt i missed…liked d way u hv put it across…well, waiting to read more of school, friends,the stout teacher and ahem!!more mishaps…i know u girlieee…

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