Sreenivasan & I

You must be thinking why such a post now?He is still alive,he is still active in the film industry and he still holds his high standards in the Malayalam movie industry.

This post was born after I had a heated debate with my friend on the topic “who is the best actor?”At last we ended the discussion telling its all personal favorites.

This post is not about Sreenivasan but it is about how he and his movies made an emotional impact on me through years.I believe that Sreenivasan is an epic.

According to my memory,the first Sreenivasan movie which I watched was Vadakkunokkiyantram.The film is about the marital discord caused by a husband’s inferiority complex.Sreenivasan acted as the husband with an inferiority complex.I must have watched that movie when was 6-7 years old.I was thinking how come people accepted him as a hero.At that time I was a big fan of Nitish Bharadwaj who played the role of Sri Krishna in the tv serial Mahabarath.Those days heroes means Mammootty,Mohanlal or Shah Rukh Khan.The next movie which I watched was Thenmavin Kombath.He played a character “Appakala” who is jealous of the hero.His character made us laugh out loud.Those days for me he was just another actor who makes some funny gestures or delivers crazy dialogues or a guy who gets attacked by rest of the characters in the movie.After watching the movie I thought how much ashamed or embarrassed he must be while acting out those scenes.I believed that he acted these kind roles as he was not a good actor.Today I curse myself for thinking that way.

The more I watched his movies,the more I sympathized and then later empathized with not the characters he played but with him.Somewhere someday somehow  I got an emotional attachment him.I was very angry when rest of the population laughed at him or they laughed for his humour.Those days when people go with handsome heroes I had a special attraction towards Sreenivasan.People used to mock at him saying he is not a great one.Hearing this always made me fume and I argued with them.Even my friends were surprised about my devotion towards him.They would often tease me telling “You will the one and only fan for him”.But those days I was not a fan,instead I felt that a strong emotion towards him.

At the age of 10-15 years I was not matured enough to see movies as an entertainment element or to consider the actors as professionals.

After getting inside the college I had a negative attitude towards the Malayalam movies.So I almost watched no Malayalam movies in the early days of my college.It was during the last semester when we I had ample free time that I made a thorough research about Sreenivasan and his movies.By this time,I was matured enough to consider him as an actor and acting as his profession.Then it was a marathon movie watching leaving none of his movies.I was happier once I started reading his screenplays.

His writing skills impressed me like hell!!His talent to include humour in whatever he talked or he wrote was something to be appreciated.I was sad only because I was very late to know about him and his movies.I literally did a postmortem of his movies right from Manimuzhakkam to Udayananu Tharam.After watching 50 movies of him in a stretch,what should I say?I  was amazed by his talents in handling humour.

What I love about him is the way he used himself to mould a character in his movies.He is still the best in the industry even after 34 years of movie experience,only because of his talent.I think he takes his life too very light 🙂

I love his characters in

Odaruthammava Aalariyam – The college student role which he played trying to impress Lisy gave him the right break for him his career.Priyadarshan once told that it was Sreenivasan who wrote some of the scenes in the movie.

Akkare Ninnoru Maran – Ali Koya was one of his best performances.I love the scene where he comes as an Arab.”Achuth Maama..”

Chidambaram – I don’t have words to explain his performance in this movie.I think as Muniyandi he just lived than acting.

Mazha Peyyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu – Madhavan aka M.A.Dhavan.I simply love every scene in this film.It is a perfect ROTFL movie.

Nadodikattu – The moment he calls out for his counterpart Mohanlal as “Daasaa”,I laugh out loud.

Vadakkunokkiyanthram – As Thalathil Dineshan he was awesome.The movie written and directed by him was a hats off attempt.The scence in which he takes a song rehearsal for the first night was amazingly written.Mattoru Seethaye Kaattilekkayachu…..

Sandesham – Polandine Kurichu Onnum Parayaruthu..LOL!!

Thenmavin Kombath – He plays a role named AppaKala who is a servant.The way he changed his looks to suit the role showed his sincerity in his job.

Azhakiya Raavanan – As a right hand to Mammootty he played the character Ambujakshan,a useless novel writer.Kalyanam Paalukachal.. Paalukachal Kalyanam..

Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala – This movie bagged a National Award for him.It was written and directed by him.I feel that the creation of  the character Vijayan Mash was an excellent one.The movie gives a strong message to the people and that is the speciality of Sreenivasan’s screenplays.He tells out a lot of truth about the issues in the society with a pinch of humour.Only he can create a dialouge like “he was dark because of tension and then his wife asks whether Africans are always tensed”. 😀

Udayananu Tharam – Rajappan aka Suraj Kumar played by him made the movie complete. Rosshan Andrews could have not converted this movie into a blockbuster without Sreenivasan.

I know this article is incomplete because I am still in the process of exploring his talents.But the saddest part is I have never met him yet.Hoping to meet him someday 🙂 🙂

Below are my favorite 10 scenes of Sreenivasan.

Watch his interview too.I am sure after watching it you will say..Whoa!!!

11 thoughts on “Sreenivasan & I

  1. Srinivasan is a genius. Many people laugh at his dance steps, and some of his mannerisms. What they don’t know is that he is deliberately doing that to give full justice to the ‘funny’ character he plays. Mazha Peyyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu is one of my all time favorite movie. I have seen all the movies you have listed here – great ones.

  2. After reading your post, i got a better picture of sreenivasan as an actor. A personality with immense talents. What makes him different from others is the ‘class’ he delivers in his job. An incomparable quality performance. A great effort in describing a great personality. Keep it up my friend. 🙂

    1. What I love the most about him is he proved that for being an actor certain benchmarks are not required..he is not tall,he is not fair,he is not handsome,he doesnt have a great voice,his body language is strange and funny..but he is an EPIC..a true actor 🙂

  3. Sreenivasan is the unsung hero of Malaylam movie industry.He has proven to be more than worthy of the accolades given to him and is undoubtedly the most original amongst his contemporaries.

    Amongst all his performances -and there are quite a few to recount here-the one I was most impressed by was role of the paraplegic he played in K.G.George’s “Panchavadipaalam”-perhaps because this is my favourite Malayalam movie even after three decades of it’s release and obvious technical shortcomings.I consider this to be Malayalam’s first neo-realistic movie and every time I see the movie,I cannot help but wonder how little things have changed in Kerala-or for that matter in India-in the decades since it’s release.(The fate that befalls the protagonist is perhaps symbolic of what is happening to the “Aam Jantha” of this country,although the director has chosen in his wisdom to steer clear of admitting any such associations.)
    The movie is available in full on youtube, please do take time out to watch it, if you haven’t already.

    While you are at it,here is a link from a popular vernacular blog about a chain mail that was going viral. Entries 12 and 13 in the list deserve special mention for any enthusiast of Malayalam movies.

    1. I have watched the movie panchavadipalam long was a good one but like you said it had technical flaws..
      I think Malayalam film industry has not given Sreenivasan the accolades he deserved..and it is best actor awards to only Mohanlal and Mammootty and then a character actor award for Sreenivasan is not a good way to show the respect.

  4. you have given full justice to the MEGA STAR srinivasan.I was lucky enough to see and hear him in one of the PUNE FESTIVALS where the PUNE MALAYALEE SAMAJAM brought him as the chief guest.He looked so ordinary to the other non malayalee speaking guys on stage but they didnt know THE TALENT THAT THIS GUY could ejaculate.He is simply speaking a creative genius who has given us malayalees so much to laugh about in an otherwise pathetic 60 years of independence.I salute him but I feel in many movies he left the ending to be too feeble.I mean the freshness and the pace of the movie was not maintained till the end in many movies.

  5. You missed out on mentioning the brilliant scripts of ‘Sandesham’, ‘Varavelpu’, ‘Thalayanamantram’ and ‘Vellanakalude Naadu’…..

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