Is this love?

A guy proposes a girl.She rejects it.
The guy asked her Dad to get his daughter married to him.
The Dad too rejects it.
When the guy's pestering crossed the limits,the Dad filed a
complaint in the Police station.

And how did “lover boy”(?) made the revenge??

He stabbed the girl to kill her but when her father tried to rescue the daughter,he got killed instead.

Is this LOVE??

When this incident happened in the well boasted 100% literacy state Kerala,then I wonder what did education and literacy do to the people in Kerala(including me 😦 )

Now there is another face for this tragedy.People will empathize,they will sympathize and in the end,they will say “What is the need for him to file a complaint against that boy?He must have kept his mouth shut.” 😮

So in the end,instead of blaming the killer,the society will blame the father for filing the complaint and the daughter for keeping an acquaintance with the guy 😦

What a world!!duh!!


13 thoughts on “Is this love?

  1. i agree with you—people are easy to derive their own messed up conclusions as long as they are not in the picture…
    only the feet which wear the shoe can feel the bite..

    1. yeah..people will comment on the incident for maximum a week more..then they the end..loss is for the family only..
      Imagine the situation of that mother..lost her husband and her daughter is fighting for her life..
      Now so called “lover boy” will get rid of this case throwing some money,will get married eventually and have a wonderful life. 😡 😡 😡

  2. mmm….anju paisa chilavillade comment parayan kittunna chance aara viduka…and if any female revolts against this,they would stamp her as feminist…i dont know when all this will change!!!!

    1. did you watch that “nammal thammil” show discussing Soumya’s incident?Do you know how they ended it?
      “Who told her to travel alone in the train”?
      I felt like killing that man who told this in the show

  3. I wanna share an incident… happened this weekend… a friend was pretty upset over a tiffle with her bf… we took her to hard rock to cheer her up… next day wen we wr havin lunch this ‘loverboy’ stormed towards us and started shouting at the girl… I got so mad tht i shouted back and threw a glass of water at him… Bloody MCP!!! I was sure he was gonna slap her. The girl is bein cryin on and off since… I dont know if i did some good or anything… Somehow my good intentions always go hobble-wobble…
    Now, is this love?

  4. this is really insane.. I read this too today. Just shows how moronic and ‘fast’ people think nowadays, a year long affair gone sour, disgruntled dad, over a ‘couple’ pic posted on orkut. Girls should really be more careful. And parents should be perenially worried and cautious.. there is no end to these.

  5. Folks are just literate. Not “educated” in the true sense of it. And literacy does nothing to inculcate sensibility, sensitivity or even common sense for that matter!

  6. This isn’t love but insanity. The pure blue kind. Such people need to be severely thrashed and punished. They pass off any behaviour today and call it an affair gone wrong…

  7. Hi Bhavia
    Its true…we are just literate in the superficial sense…the values and morals don’t go with it. Its out of fashion to be humane . Even the media (recent movies as well)popularize dadagiri…the heroes these days belong to that privileged section that go to any extreme to snatch what they wish for from the common man. As you mentioned, look at Soumya’s case…the brutal and barbarous killer gets a lawyer from Mumbai to defend him…
    But personally I believe that whatever one sows one does reap!!! Maybe its not now but its there in their account!

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