A Woe in front of My Eyes

Here is one matter for which I am going to end my opinion.

From childhood onwards I have heard a million views about whether a woman should hold a job or not.

It is told that bad times always come as a package.

When fate took away three young men from my friend’s family in a second,their families saw the biggest loss in their lives.

People promise the families during their visits but the words they consoled will fly in the air as days pass.The major concern I feel about those three families is that all the three women are unemployed and their kids are school going.It is not that the men who left the world didn’t leave any fortune.Also it is not that the close family people don’t help them.But still,till when can they live on the savings and depending on other family members?

There will be a time when we get fed up by depending others to get things done.Our family do support us during bad times,but nobody else will look after our own kids like how we bother about them.I would have not worried too much about those three women if they were having any small job.It is fine even if the income from the job is meagre.But at least having money for our own needs is necessary.

When a husband is there,for a middle class house wife,everything will be available on their door step.Most of women will be uncomfortable going out or shopping alone.It is easy to tell our man to buy a napkin or an inner wear.But today when the family live at others’ mercy,how can she manage on personal things?

So the closing line.

It is always better to hold job if you can.

PS:For the attention of everyone who makes their wives or sisters give up education and jobs.

We appreciate your care for us by providing us everything in life.But when God play pranks with us,we feel terrible to live at others’ mercy.It is alright if  we don’t take up jobs.But at least let us be educated so that if at all something go wrong in our lives,we are fit to take up the financial control  of the family.


12 thoughts on “A Woe in front of My Eyes

  1. You are 100 percent right. Women should be given maximum education and career. It would have come in real handy during such hard times.

  2. off course, i too come across such instances.life is unpredictable and like education in today’s world work experience is necessary for good perspective.

    1. being in a job will give a different perspective for our life..at least we will become little brave to face the bad times as wee are financially independent

  3. Am sorry about the sad news of loosing people..May god help the souls..But as you said people who are left behind in this world is sure to suffer if not given given proper education,and career is not for any extravagance but existence.Keep writing. Regards to Snoopy

  4. Education for anyone, is a kind of a buffer. Something that will always help in case of a crisis. You can always fall back on knowledge when everyone deserts you.
    Thought provoking post!

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