I wish there were no religion

Disclaimer : As an Indian,I have the right to speak my opinions in public considering that it doesn’t hurt anyone’s sentiments or morals.

Last night when I was about to leave for the day from my office.

One of my senior friends pinged asking me.

Friend : Why don’t you write your view on religion?

Me : I don’t believe in religion!!

While commuting,I was pondering over this topic.

I don’t believe in religion because I feel that it is an unwanted item in my bag.I have never felt anything great about any religion or the customs they follow or the rituals they practice.

I consider religion as light as food habits.I have noticed that people have weird food habits.Some eat only Non-Veg,some eat only Veg but eggs too,some don’t consume any animals products at all etc.Even in a family,nobody forces food habits.Same way religion is a habit.A habit which we have practised from our childhood.

Religion do have some good sides like these high nutrition foods.After all its an individual’s choice whether to eat healthy food or not.Why can’t the world see religion that way?Consider religion as something personal and not a social matter.Religion is a set of beliefs about the cause, nature, and purpose of life and the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a supernatural agency, or human beings’ relation to that which they regard as holy, sacred, spiritual, or divine.It differs from person to person that how respect this universal truth.

Rather than fighting for religion reasons,lets concentrate on the social issues having no solutions yet.Poverty,education,child labor,crimes against women,dowry deaths etc.

I understand that religion has become so much deep-rooted in the society,that it is difficult to transform in a fast pace.But I am happy to see thousands of young people who share my same thoughts and views.

At least to the current generation and the next generation,let’s teach them about the good values in life and not about the countless communities and Gods.Or is it difficult to live in this world without the tag of a religion or without worshipping one of the thousand Gods?

It is time that the world should learn that God is not their employee on wages who do jobs according to their prayers and offerings.(Thank you DG for such a wonderful sentence,I’m borrowing it)

Before the world go blind with their religious views,lets work on cultivating healthy religious practices and thoughts.

From what I have inferred,religion come as a villain mainly during two circumstances.

Marriage and Education

People being very educated or forward thinking don’t help much,when religion comes to the marriage of their kids.all The values they have and earned or all the national integrity speeches they had given in the past are cleverly forgotten.According to the rules (I don’t know which B******D made it) of society,religion is intertwined with the social status too.That’s why parents go against for inter-religion or inter-community marriages.Apart from this,the religious communities support this rule making things complicated.So if at all an inter-religion marriage happens,then that family is out of that religious community.(I still have no clue why there is a rule that way)Not only that,these religious priests do take “revenge” if someone go against the community rules,unless that person is rich.Here is an example.

One of my Mom’s colleagues decided to get married even after being in two different religions.Both the families were alright with it so they didn’t force the bride to convert to their religion.It was a happy family life until the guy’s father passed away.The religious community head made a big fuss before the last rituals of the guy’s father saying that unless the bride gets converted,the priest will not preside the rituals.The guy was helpless.All his views about national integrity and freedom of rights went in air in front of the crying Mom and sisters.At last he made his wife converted to his religion get his father’s last rituals done.

But it is unlikely that the same situation will happen if the guy is a celebrity or a rich man.Preist forgets God and the so-called religious values in front of money.

It is the same way with education too.Admissions in colleges and schools support religion and they end up preaching  it as a community service.When a kid is good in studies,why should religion be a benchmark?

Above are just two of the examples on the bad side of religion.

When something is bad and has caused many problems in the world,WHY THE HELL SHOULD I BELIEVE IN IT??

I wish there were no RELIGION,World would have been a better place to live and die.

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29 thoughts on “I wish there were no religion

  1. I believe in one thing, the one who created the core idea of religions is not a bad man! Things have changed a lot. Every religion has its own philosophies which make human life more meaningful(in their own way). If you take the example of Mahabharata, every character may represent some individuals in our society. Like, many of us are so attracted to the character, Karna. In the past, there were no cinemas or novels to inspire people but, if someone create a story like Mahabharata, it can easily influence people. There is no wrong in being religious in a sensible manner.

    I’m a non-religious member of a religious family(I think so). I’m a vegetarian where I’ve seen many of my relatives(who claim themselves ‘religious’) taking ‘non-vegetarian’ food without a second-thought. I define my rules and what disappoints me is the fact that my society may not be ready to accept my rules. But, if I analyze today and yesterday, religions made some sort of discipline in the society. This discipline is getting weaker and weaker because of these non-religious fellows(like me). I do not support religions as I believe that I’m already disciplined enough,but I do not believe that a world without religions is going to be fairer than what we see. I wish if these religions were a little sensible today!



    1. The one who created religion may not be a bad person..I do agree with you that religion may be created to make the society disciplined..but things have gone beyond control that now religion has a different meaning in the world now..

  2. The word for religion in malayalam is ‘matham’ which just means opinion. That is how i feel someone else’s religion should be viewed. Also absence of religion will not solve the problem arising out of man’s ignorance. And as Karl Marx said “religion is the opium of the masses”. If it comforts them ,let it be!

      1. Our views on religion turning aggressive is no different from our views about the world in general. Everything is very personal – the ‘I’ has been given more importance than it should be. The web 2.0 culture has given limitless powers to an ordinary man and ‘as a rule man is a fool’. I don’t think we should be blaming religion for that.

  3. Sociologically and anthropologically religion is just another institution of social control.What could be explained and controlled fell in the lap of science, that could be some what controlled by some causative relationship became magic and what was beyond explanation and control of human effort went to become religion. The divine wrath or fear of eteranl hell or those eyes of omnipotent God(s) always watching are good tool to keep most people in line.

    Religion(s) never changed if you look at the history of religion san east or west, time again more wars are fought for religion than anything else be it before christ or medievaltimes across the globe.

    What was a mechanism of social control has become a tool personal power and control over others. Parents may not even observe their own religious rituals but will still expect children to marry within their own clique and then if by chance the bahu (DIL) is from a different religion their religious virtues will wake up from grave and expect her to perform rituals of their religion to save their family tradition. So religion is just another excuse for personal power and control on another human.

    About the guy who was cornored into asking his wife to convert just to have the priest perform the last rites:
    was it a rocket science or neurosurgery that the guy or anyother family member could not perform that they had to beget the services of an expert?
    If only preferential few can serve the God(s) due to training or birth in a particular caste that means others are will never be able to be near the God(s). If a religious text is so complex that it beats the rocket science or gray’s anotomy then isn’t it time to simplify it?? Why follow are religion that has a middle man to facilitate your communication with the God(s).
    If DG were to perform a hindu marriage she can all she has to do is watch few Karan Johar movies, get a Hindu Marriage Mantra CD and play it. And most of all what good is a mantra if the couple or anyone else didn’t understand a damn word written in an obselete language.

    Religion may not be useless artifact but the believers may definietly be if they use no brains while following it.
    Religion minus kindness and compassion is the problem.
    Desi Girl

    1. I don’t agree completely on what you thought about the guy I mentioned in the post.May be because I know him personally.
      I understand his helplessness..years back it was rare that dead bodies were buried in a public cemetary.So when a guy is left with no choice to do the final rites seeing his mom begging him to find a solution,i think he gave up without any choice..
      Thats what I clearly mentioned in the post..
      All those who talk so much of philosophies may change their stands,when issues are personal..

      1. Yes, when things are personal we do falter. But since Desi Girl got her second chance she is not taking it any chances, she is DO IT YOUR SELF (DIY) person in every arena of her life. She practices what she writes, she has lead congregations, she has sat with the priests and perfomed their specialized tasks thus proves it is not a rocket science anyone can master it with some effort.
        The problem there was a mommy crying and social bycott awaiting. DG was thrown out of Desi married people’s club is known to all and then she chose not to be part of what ever was being thrown at her. She creates her own rules and mingles with those who think like her and her family supports her. Yes, it is hard but it is not impossible.

        The point is religion is a mechanism of social control. If the fellow believers could not control the actions of this family (marrying out side the religion) earlier they made sure they do it when they have a chance what could be better occassion than last rites and a grieving family. It definitely sent a strong message to all others to not to marry outside their religion or else wait and what awaits them. 🙂

        Desi Girl

  4. Hi Bhavia,
    You have rightly done with this post… I am not sure how many of the people know about their religion and what their religion insists them.

    Most of the people are not aware what their holy books says and if they read it completely then sure they will not see the variations between people and god.
    Serving all the human beings with Love is the most wanted one.
    I would like to refer the words of Sree Narayana Guru ” One Man, One God and One Religion”

    1. I agree with you..People twist the contents according to their needs and comfort..I believe that still nobody except the author of these holy books know the correct meaning of the content

  5. @GGTS : I appreciate you for sticking to your principles..
    Also happy to see that you mentioned the raw truth how religion can dominate personal relationships.
    “What was a mechanism of social control has become a tool personal power and control over others. Parents may not even observe their own religious rituals but will still expect children to marry within their own clique and then if by chance the bahu (DIL) is from a different religion their religious virtues will wake up from grave and expect her to perform rituals of their religion to save their family tradition. So religion is just another excuse for personal power and control on another human.”

  6. Well said, Bhavya. I dont think people should be religious. But they should be spiritual. They should recognize the universal energy or so called GOD. But building temples in every street and making a fuss over a temple or mosque is idiocy. And it is pathetic that the mature adult people do it. I always wonder why these idiots(adults) didnt realize such a simple thing, even after living for decades here..

    1. Yeah Vipin..Life would have been really simple if religion was considered very lightly.Most of them write their own rules of religion for personal purposes.So when somebody needs publicity they build a temple/mosque/church.

  7. Special Marriage Act is a better way to get married if one doesn’t want to depend on the whims of such priests. Why give so much power to a middle man between one’s god and oneself? Most of them behave like they own god and religion.

    I think along with the freedom to follow our faith, we should also have the freedom to not be forced to accept controls from another faith.

    1. For marriage we got this special act,but why are we not having such a thing during the funeral..Do you know in Kerala(i don’t know how it is in other states) the dead bodies are not allowed to bury at the burial ground unless the ‘one’ gets converted to their religion or they perform another ritual saying that the son/daughter who got married from another religion is out of the family.Out of the family means they are not even allowed to see the passed away dad/mom,they are not allowed to get the family property,they are not invited for any of the family functions..in short that will be the end of the family’s relationship with that kid.if at all,the family go against it,then the family will be out of the religion community.

      If the family is a well settled one,then they give cash to the committee and get a away with it.But if it is a poor family,then thats the beginning of their woes.

  8. All three fall into this category..forward thinking habits,communism and high literacy rate are only on papers..When it comes to marriage and death,they compromise on NOTHING

  9. I don’t think you can trivialize the importance of religion. Early breakthroughs for humanity were only possible because of religion bringing relative stability and opening up new schools of thought and pushing them towards something. It is consistent in the histories of all major religions.

    Personally you may disown religion but even to this day, religion plays the most important role in defining a person’s identity more than nationality or personal beliefs.

    True things have stagnated on the religious front over the centuries but dropping them abruptly would be naive. May be bringing about the dynamism that religions (Hindu, Islam and Buddhist religions especially) had in their founding days will solve a lot of problems you have with religion!

  10. Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion, too ….
    Imagine all the people Living life in peace……..

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