Lucky You

Till 12 hours back I believed that there is nothing called LUCK.

According to me,its is our hard work and the purity of mind which makes things happen in our life.

But guess what?I was wrong.

I realized that even if we work hard or if our mind is as pure a crystal,we may not get what we want in life.

Or is it like we should never expect to get everything we wished in life?

If things were that way,then why do people have wishes and ambitions?

People live their lives because there is an aim or ambition or purpose.But if we don’t reach there or if we don’t get it,then are we a failure or are we just unlucky?

all these while since I was not believing in luck,”unlucky” part is not true.Then it is failure.But how can a person be a failure just because the expectations are not met?

If the above statement is false,then the luck factor is true.That means there is something called LUCK.

Then what is LUCK?

I don’t have an answer because I NEVER believed in it.


10 thoughts on “Lucky You

  1. It’s true that luck is something of a probability. But how people perceive luck sub-consciously is quite different. I think people ‘feel’ they are lucky when they get something great, but can’t justify to themselves that they actually deserve it. It might not always be because of the their low self-esteem that they feel so. A person with a strong pessimistic attitude will find his success mostly as a consequence of luck.
    On the other hand, feeling unlucky is almost the corollary of luck. If someone works hard and still misses his target, he needs something to put the blame. Its because our minds are always striving to interpret every event and situation rationally that we often rely on ‘unluck’ to take the blame. It’s actually a defense mechanism of people to blame their failure on being unlucky just to keep their spirits up.

  2. i believe in luck
    When u wer born..u were not in the slum..but in a good family..aint u call it lucky..may be u can call it blessed..
    when u r thirsty..u got water..again blessed
    when it is is blessing u again and again
    But think ..there are people who dont get it..u r lucky to be blessed 🙂

  3. Luck is something that happens..which u cannot control..and u dont know how it happened..
    Man has a tendency to name everythin they it a it a we named the freakin phenomenon, luck 🙂 so luck exist
    U dont work hard and u get it..lucky for u..but it may be the failure of another person..
    u don study and u the lack of hard work of the person who checked ur answer sheet..its is not in ur control..u cannot control the other from ur perspective u can call it being lucky 🙂

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