Akshaya Patra – School Meal Programme

During the Pandavas exile in the forest,Lord Surya gifted Yudhishtra with Akshaya Patra.

Akshaya Patra is a vessel that would give unlimited food every day till Draupadi finished eating.

Coming back to the present situation,today we all have the power of Lord Surya.

We work in the plush of air conditioner and complain that we don’t like our job.We eat at branded food outlets spending more that Rs.2000 for a meal.Apart from that we are capable of donating a part of our earnings to feed a meal to the kids.

Some of my friends once told me that they actually don’t know what hunger is.They have never experienced it before.”Is hunger some feeling like stomach ache?”,asked one NRI friend of mine.

Now lets feed some stomachs which know what hunger is.

Akshaya Patra is a foundation for midday meal program for the school kids.So lets hold our hands with this foundation to create a hunger free life for the kids in India.

Image Courtsey : http://www.indiascanner.com,www.akshayapatram.com

17 thoughts on “Akshaya Patra – School Meal Programme

  1. It is indeed a great pleasure in contributing to such a wonderful programme. Good narration with a short note about akshaya patra from Maha Bharata. 🙂

  2. Many of the policymakers of UN like UNICEF, UNESCO, FAO etc. are just like ur NRI friend.. but ultimately such ppl only draft policy without a basic understanding of the needs of such ppl…

    Anyways, good efforts .. i wish the foundation all the very best.. Also, short and precise point Bhavya.. well-written 🙂

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