Is HATING somebody a BAD thing?

My usual GTalk chat with my friends are fun.At times I feel that I am back in my college.We chat endlessly discussing and gossiping 😛

Last evening,it was upset when accidentally my friend talked about “her”.

I hated her as I had ample reasons for it.Though there was a time when she was my mentor and guardian in college,things just went messy later.

Last evening,my friends were surprised to know that I have still not gotten over that terrible incident.It has been  a while that I have not thought about her in my life.But a sudden mention of her name made me realize that I still hate her.

My friends thought that time must have healed the wounds in my heart as its been almost 5 years that we have seen her.I was upset and left the chat.

Later,during dinner my brother told me that if she had hurt me that badly then she doesn’t deserve my friendship.

Today again,I was thinking why didn’t the hatred towards her diminish at all.Like my friends said it was time to get over it.

May be because I never tried to change my attitude towards her.

But whatever it is;

Is HATING somebody a BAD thing?

I think we all dislike somebody sometime.Most of them forget about it as time passes.But certain deep wounds do take time to heal or at times don’t heal at all. 😡 😡

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19 thoughts on “Is HATING somebody a BAD thing?

  1. Well, if she had a conscience she would have realized it. Guess what, she doesn’t have one! Because she is a Rhino!! lol

  2. Hating someone is not a bad thing…but a difficult thing. After all you want to forget about people you don’t like, rather than think about them and hate them.

  3. I dont know the reasons for you to hate her. But I think you should let it go. Even when you hate her , it is not affecting her in any way. But it is affecting. As you said you were chatting with your friends and you lost your mood. So for your own sake you should let it go.

    If the matter is serious then I would suggest one thing. Go and meet her, say that you are not able to forgive her. Give a good PUNCH on her face(make sure no one is around) and I am sure you will feel better..:P

  4. I’m not one for moralizing, so I won’t talk about it being “bad.” But I will say that it’s not good for you! I know only too well that hating someone is a lot of effort. Your heart beats faster, your blood pressure increases, you feel stressful, your hands can shake and you don’t think clearly.

    I’m essentially a very lazy person. I can’t sustain that sort of effort for long, and so in my very own best interests I learn to forgive and forget. It’s just easier. Sorry to give such a lame reason for not hating someone, but I’ve found it’s the only one which makes real sense to me. My lazy nature makes hating someone for long an impossibility.

  5. Hating somebody is not an abnormal thing. But try to think about the incident from the other persons’s point of view/situation, and find out whether you have gone wrong. If you still could not justify her behaviour, let hate be a good thing.

  6. hating is another one of our emotions. and i will justify it because aren’t we all humans. but for me what helps is forgetting it and forgiving it. though the quote is ‘forgive and forget’. but it isn’t such a bad thing but yeah try to let go of it.

  7. Hate is a strong word. It is far deeper than dislike.
    And people say that you should move on because you are the one who is hurting, not “she”. If the mere mention of her name brings back some rather bad memories, then try to get them out of your brain. Just throw them out, like you would delete spam. I know this will be a bit difficult but try. 🙂

  8. ouch! same image too!

    i noticed this post is dated dec 2010!! exactly a year back you were going through a turmoil similar to what i am going thru now & you had blogged about it!

    agree with Snoopy there – she is a RHINO. no conscience. & the post just tells how much of yourself you must have given to that relationship.

    btw, what’s the status with her now? a year later? still in the same place?

    1. Hey Sujatha..
      I kinda got over it..since she is in US now,I don’t there are no chances of meeting..
      though it took nearly 5 years to get over it,I am happy now..that don’t care attitude came to me..all is well now(at least at my end 😛 )

  9. Forgiving is hard, sometimes impossible. but as long as you dont harbour feelings of revenge and wait for a chance to get back at her, it is fine. Sometimes confronting the person also helps exorcising the demons. It might sound bizarre bur can help.

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