Teach me to write,please

Two minutes back,I was writing a note for my senior friend before giving away a book to read.

It was then I realized that my writing has become terribly bad.

If we go into the flash back,I was a person with a beautiful handwriting.Teachers used to make me write the progress cards,their important notes on the black board and my note books were in high demand in the school.Most of the teachers keep my note books after the completion of that year.I was happy and proud when one of my juniors cum family friend who was 5 years younger than me called up to tell that three of the teachers are still using my notebooks and problem books.

Also,I remember winning a hat trick for the handwriting competition in school and one of the local clubs in Calicut.

Now coming back to the present situation,my profession is in such a way that I rarely have to touch a pen.

I see only one solution.

Buy a good notebook and an ink pen.Start writing!!!


6 thoughts on “Teach me to write,please

  1. I have a belief that 99% of girls have brilliant cursive handwriting and 99% of guys have illegible handwriting, me being no exception. 😀
    Anyway, love the way you made me recall a girl whose notebooks would be carefully kept as manuscripts by the teachers…
    It is my first visit to your blog. You liked one of my articles through indiblogger, so I found a link from there.
    Have a nice day Bhavia, keep writing 🙂
    I would love to read more of you..

  2. I dont believe this! I was jus thinking about this the other day… but not about my handwriting… but speed! seems like it takes me forever to write a simple para… Pathetic!
    Guess its time to resume diary writing…

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