They Wished and We Fullfilled

Sudha Murthy has always made my grey cells work more than my capabilities.I have read most of her books of which I must have read Gently Falls the Bakula more than 10 times.I got another book of her,How I Taught my Grand Mother to Read and Other Stories,through Flipkart only last evening.I got this bad habit of finishing off a book in a stretch.I read irrespective of my surroundings.I read while waiting at the platform for the train to come,I read while having food at the cafeteria in office,I read while travelling in Share autos and train,I even read while walking up to my cubicle in office.Today morning while immersing into this new book,I was reading the story(true story),The Red Rice Granary.

The story tells us about the importance of giving the best in you while giving away something to others.She has explained how employees of a reputed IT company dumped junk and waste things in her office in the name of donation to the needy.

Yesterday,I was happy when I decided to sponsor some goodies to a 8-year-old girl named I.Sandhya.My company has a support group through which we can sponsor or donate.The beauty which I saw in the initiation which the company support group took is their innovative idea.The group collected a wish list from those kids.So that people like me who are ready to help them could know in advance what exactly the kids are in need of.Below is a screen shot of the wish list.

Now I’m thinking how can I make a special gift for Sandhya because she wrote in her wish list that she is in need of notebooks,pens and pencils.

I am going to make sure that I will make her smile and surprised with the goodies..What about you? 🙂


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