Seasons of Friendship

I watched the Malayalam movie Ritu accidentally.Though it was there in the laptop for quite sometime,I never felt an interest to open the divx file.

In Malayalam,Ritu means seasons.

Ritu is a story of friendship and betrayal.I have this habit(bad?) of pondering over some matters after a movie.Not all movies take me down the memories lane,but some do.

Like a flash back shown in movies,my thoughts traveled back 20 years.

Friendships during Kinder Garten were filled with naughtiness and mischief.I used sit between Abdul Azeez and Abdul Razak in my 1st std.During our spelling writing time,I used to tell them write slower or to wait till I reach their count.Poor guys,they will stop writing telling me to call them once I reach the count.Myself being the mischievous of all ,will call them only after reaching the count 49.Once they are back,I will write one more time and declare myself as the winner :) :)But they were good enough to take things light and act as my body guards.Our Vice Principal’s daughter disliked me for no reason.One day she pinched herself till it bled.She complained that I took a revenge on her:( Then it was my “body guards” who rescued me by being the witnesses.That friendship stayed till I left that school in 4th std.I have no clue where those people are now.But I consider that friendship as the purest form as there were no intentions or hatred between us.

Next season of friendships were made with an intention to have a company to walk around in the corridor of the school.During my teens,friendship was a fashion I guess.Since that was the age when we got influenced by movies,most of the friendships were to mock what we saw in the big screen.I wont say that the friendships were artificial those days but it was never deep.

By the time I crossed 15 years,I started knowing the value of friendship.I used to hate Sundays just because it was a holiday.11th std and 12th std gave me more sensible enemies and even more sensible and trustworthy friends.May be because of that I still have those couple of people in my life.

College friendships were mixed with feelings.I have always thought that there are ample elements in my college life to make a movie.Friendships in college was a mixture of joy,sorrow,tears,revenge,betrayal,misunderstandings,hatred,ego and money.Back stabbing,back slapping,back bitching and some things which can’t name were very common.Friendship was a dangling and risky one which was maintained in a mutual understanding.By the time was in my last year of college,I had a clear idea about the list of friends which will stay with me for rest of the life journey. :) :) I still remember sitting with Raji in the first bench and laughing about it.

But coming into professional life changed me a lot.I learned to look at the friendships in many angles which made happy,happier and happiest as my outlook towards friendship changed.I learned to handle things very light.Looks like now its autumn season in my friendship life. :P

After watching the movie I gave a deep sigh and told myself.

Friendships are like seasons.It changes from time to time.Get accustomed to the changes in friendships like we wear clothes according to the seasons.So that we are ready to take in both joys and pains. :)

Seasons change..Friendships change..and do we??

9 thoughts on “Seasons of Friendship

  1. Lol. . And I remember us sitting in the first bench .. Me writing a note “Pinch me awake” & you pinching me every two minutes just to keep my opens open. .na half-open :D

  2. yeah its really true…. friendship changes according to seasons….. itz really hard to keep a friend in all seasons….. Ur blog reminds my (g)olden days…. thanx for makin this day to think abt my past…..

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