TO DO before I am 40

  • Writing a book
    It is being quite sometime that my near and dear ones asking me to think about it.But being little lazy make me to postpone it.But I feel I should wait and continue with my blogging and short stories.In my life,it is all about sparks making things happening.So waiting for that spark to happen.

  • Direct a film
    I have no connections with movies except that I spend a major part of my weekend at PVR Cinemas.Why a film and not a documentary/short movie??It is because I want to be little different by making a full length movie out of my script.People have a prejudice that women directors deal with only short films or art films.I want change that attitude. 😛

  • Starting a business
    I can’t explain much about it as I don’t want to sell out the idea. 🙂

  • Around the World in a Year
    I want to take a 1 year vacation and then roam around the world.I am making a list named “100 places I should visit before I am 40”.I understand the practical difficulty for fulfilling this ambition.But still let me try 🙂

  • Ride a Jet Plane

    Whoa!!It would be great.I want to fly till both the plane and I get exhausted.

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