Giving Up A LIFE

It is like an uninvited guest during our lazy weekends.

But some people make appointments with death when they shatter in their lives.

It is been 10 years that my best buddies’ bro killed himself.He hanged himself after coming back from school.
The teacher punished him in front of the class and he couldn’t bear the embarrassment.He was in 7th std then and the youngest one in the family.

Last evening while talking over the coffee with Sudheshna,Madhu and Priya,they were telling suicide stories that happened in their college.

1)She studied in the regional language till 12th std.After getting inside the college,it became difficult for her to follow the lessons in english. She tried hard to cope with the curriculum but failed terribly. One fine morning the hostel woke up hearing her demise.

2)She was a district topper in 12th and a brilliant athlete. She joined college hearing about the scary Engineering Mechanics subject. She started having sleepless night thinking about studying the subject after hearing the bitter experiences from the seniors.She too fell in the failed group and she hanged herself.

3)Beauty made her the center of attraction in the college.After carefully choosing a good guy as her boyfriend,she went on cloud nine as a celebrity in the college.When the guy left her,she couldn’t bear the embarrassment and the teasing from her friends.She wrote a letter explaining the reason and killed herself on her way back to home.

What is happening to our youngsters?Are they brought up as WEAK personalities?

Why do these young men and women give up for silly reasons?Why are they NOT taught to screw back the life/fate when their life get screwed?Where is their potential to see the life as a gifted one?


Killing yourself is COWARDICE.It is like running away from the reality.

Have you ever thought that how you are remembered after your suicide?The world will tell that you are a LOSER.They will say “Duh!!He/she didn’t even had the guts and potential to change things in his/her life.”

Instead if you had put in some effort,your life would have been changed.Always remember that there is NOBODY in this world who had never failed or being embarrassed or being in bad times or being shattered at some point of time in their lives.bad times will make you strong and just because something bad happened in your life doesn’t mean that your life is always bad.


It is not just parents but the duty of teachers and elders to make sure that they make the kids aware about the bad times in life.Rather than hiding the financial crisis or bad times in family,it is always better to make the kids also part of the bad times.Rather than complaining about not doing well in school/college,parents or teachers can spend some time with the kids to know the reason behind their poor performance.Also,it is better to raise the kids making them hear about true stories about people who are close to you who overcame bad times in their life.Parents should make the kids feel that even when the world leave/blame them,they can always come back under the wings of the family.

Most of the suicide attempts could have stopped if they had somebody to talk it out their burden and a shoulder to cry on till they feel better.

NEVER make an impression in your kids’ mind that there is another LIFE.Teach them that there is ONLY ONE LIFE.If we lose it,then it is a loss forever.

Let them grow up knowing the value of being alive as a HUMAN BEING.

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18 thoughts on “Giving Up A LIFE

  1. More often if you look at all the cases you mentioned the friends would have known these thoughts before the parents ever did. Check back on all the cases you mentioned.
    So as people and friends all of us have an equal responsibility when we hear such comments: to counsel, hear them out and promise better days ahead. A little dose of faith and trust is the best thing we can share with our friends and family, and belive me these emotions and clouding of mind is temporary.
    It is a sad end indeed and let’s ensure we did our piece atleast right.

  2. “Teach them that there is ONLY ONE LIFE.” – Absolutely!

    And, I think that three things will greatly help avoid such suicidal tendencies :
    1. Learn to laugh at your own mistakes. And learn from them. If you never made mistakes, you never learn what NOT to do!
    2. If something terrible happens to you which is not your mistake, then ‘punishing’ yourself by suicide is utterly illogical. Don’t even think of it!
    3. Embarrassment lasts for a very short period. People forget about it very soon. Letting parents/loved ones down is also temporary. They would forget & forgive as soon as you work & make them proud. People’s memory is short. . Giving up life thinking “they’ll forever think I’m a loser” is stupid.

    Hope people read such posts & realize that taking one’s own life is the worst thing they can do to themselves & their loved ones.

    1. I don’t know how come there is a thinking in people that
      suicide = revenge/punishment.
      Why do they never think that punishing themselves and the loved ones are NOT the right way to deal with problems and bad times?

  3. Most of the kids get anything that they demand for that they take their own lives and loved ones for granted. If brought up in a way to face life and take life as it comes, these kinds suicide rates may diminsh..

    1. Very true..
      After writing the post,I was searching for some articles regarding suicide..
      Phew!!!one kid killed himself just because he didn’t a bicycle for his b’day..Think about his parents 😦 😦

  4. You are right.The problem i see is that people dont have a shoulder to support them when they need it.They feel all alone and it will end up in suicide.All the problems in this world is solvable ,but you need some support for that if that support is there then all is well in life.
    Actually im not eligible to talk about this coz one time i have also tried for :D,but after that learned so many things in life and i am now happy with my life.

    1. Busy life schedule makes things worse.Both the parents and kids are running on a timetable.Most of the parents don’t take it as a serious issue.
      It will be good to know the kids’ friends too so that at least there is a track of the happenings.
      You tried?? :-0 Thats sad..
      Happy to know that you are leading a wonderful life now.. 🙂

  5. Excellent post Bhavia. teach them that there is ONLY ONE LIFE. I agree with you on this. I sometimes feel the guys who commit suicide should somehow be saved and when they feel like living their life after survival, they be murdered. They are not worth living. But your post has definitely shown the world the responsibility of ppl around them.

    “Why are they NOT taught to screw back the life/fate when their life get screwed?”
    100 likes for this line..

    Brilliant post.. keep writing.


    1. Thank you Loga 🙂
      I think most of them don’t consider LIFE as something valuable.
      Most of them have an attitude that “anyway we will die one day,what is the big deal?”
      Yeah,it is true that we will die one day for sure..But till we die,can’t we lead a good life?Can’t we live the life to the fullest so that we die in peace?

      There are so many people suffering from terrible dieases who are waiting for death.Also there are people taken away by death at the early stage.

      Instead of ending it,why don’t we live it??

  6. People have curious reasons for ending a life. I neva had an experience so bad tht i considered suicide as an option. yea, easy life! But i cant imagine why people says it is cowardice. I somehow feel tht u need immense guts to end it.
    And if some1 think tht his/her life is only as precious as a cycle (u said?) they’d better end it. I mean cant they find better reasons?
    The last moments on earth – the most painful ones (physical). Wish I can know, experience, but live again:D

  7. Even I was shocked to read about the cycle suicide article.Let me ping you the link for it.
    People call suicide as cowardice because most of them end up doing it when they are not mentally strong enough to face a bad situation or a terrible condition.They see suicide as the easiest option for getting rid of the problems.

    1. Yeah,parents have an important role in handling situations like this.Instead of putting pressure on the kids by blaming them for the mistakes,a tight hug could do wonders.But sadly nobody understands that 😦

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