God & I

This post is the after effect of commenting on Zaira‘s post.

Like every kid I was scared of God during my childhood.I was afraid whether he/she will blow my head if I break a promise or he/she will make me blind if I lie.Then after risking some of the above mentioned situations,I understood that God is not that jobless to pry on me.

It was during my teens,I made friendship with God.I could talk about anything and everything under the sun to him/her.Though I was the epitome of arrogance and ego,I was a simple girl in front of the God.I will make sure that before I tell him/her everything before I sleep.I used to tell how happy I was after topping the class,how jealous I was when I see somebody smarter than me.I used to crib and pester God when I am sad,I even used to bribe God to make things come in my way.

It was in my 9th std,I read somewhere these lines.

“God help people who help themselves”

It was this line which changed my life altogether.I stopped fighting with God for not making my wish happen even after offering him/her so much.I realized that unless I put in the effort to help myself,things are not going to come under my control.

I changed.I changed my perception.I changed my false beliefs.I changed my habits.I changed for the good.

I started feeling that life is under my control.Things are coming in the way I wanted.

I am not religious so I don’t believe in religion,I do pray but I don’t have a habit of going to temples or lighting lamp at home.But I believe in God.For me God doesn’t have religion, country,empire,palace,servants,shape,size,gender,color,complexion,family,gene,wealth…

For me God is a strength inside and around me.At times my family is my God,at times my brother is my God,some other times just another person who saves me from hitting a vehicle in traffic is my God,when I am sick doctor is my God …

For me God is within me,within you and around us..

8 thoughts on “God & I

  1. hey what u said is true.. i believe in same way as u.. I believe myself first rather than others. i hope this might make change ppl who r reading this….

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