Emoticons and Emotions

Two minutes back I was reading Bhagwad’s latest post.I commented on the post.I used smileys to show my happiness about buying a new dart board.

It was then I realized,how else I would have expressed my emotions in words.

Emoticons made it easy for us to express our various feelings and moods of mind.

Three emoticons that I always use are

🙂 (smile)

😛 (Tongue Out )

😡 (Angry)

More than this I love the animated emoticons..Whoa!!! I love it..

My brother got this habit of laughing at me when he sees my angry emoticon.I am showing my anger and I don’t know why he laughs??? 😦 😦

Some of the websites I refer for emoticons are here.


for msn messenger

emoticons dictionary

Edited : Do you like Smileys in your website??? 😀

14 thoughts on “Emoticons and Emotions

  1. I’ve been looking for emoticons too, and I’ve always envied people like Chatterbox and Sakshi who happen to find the perfect icons every time. Thanks for sharing the links, Bhavia. And hey, thank u SOOO much for your feedback and your vote on Indiblogger!

    1. Welcome to my blog Pallavi..
      At times it is hard to find a suitable emoticon..but then if we receive one apt for the mood and situation..its wonderful.. 🙂
      muaah..i love emoticons 😉 😉 😉

  2. I’d really like to introduce smileys on my own blog…but they increase the loading time of my page since the graphics have to be downloaded. But you’re the first blogger I’ve read who’s brought this up.

    Why not a poll asking people whether or not they like smileys? Then I can piggyback off your hard work and decide whether or not to use them on my site 😀

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