5 Reasons I don’t own a CAR

Last night,I got a call from one of my long time buddies saying that she bought a car…After the excitement talk and happy wishes,she asked me when I am going to buy one.Then I explained her the reasons why I don’t have plans for it.

Reason 1 :

We buy a car for 4-5 lakhs and then the maintenance cost,insurance,liability payment(in my case I’m sure that I will be broke my paying liability compensation 😦 😦 )Why to spend money this way??Instead I prefer spending my money at Pantaloons and Naturals.Why unnecessary expense?? 😉

Reason 2 :

Why to make your BP rise?In Chennai traffic,I have seen my friends being irritated during the drive because they are scared whether their car will suffer a scratch.If at all some minor accident happen,they will go crazy and freaked out.When we use auto rickshaw,as long as I don’t suffer a scratch I will have a peaceful mind 😛

Reason 3:

I am very bad at concentrating.I like thinking about almost everything under the sun during commuting and not being alert.Morethan that I can always look around to find shops and people.It such a relief that way.Even after a busy bad day at office,I can lean back in the cab or auto rickshaw till I reach home.I would go mad if I have to drive during such a situation.

Reason 4 :

I am tiny.I need two cushions during the drive.One to sit on so that I can see the road properly and one behind me so that I can keep my legs correctly on the clutch and accelarator.Since I am dyslexic,it is difficult for me to focus the direction. 😦 😦

Reason 5 :

The MAIN reason..

Though I have a driving license,I still DON’T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE 😦 🙂 😛 😀 ha ha ha


26 thoughts on “5 Reasons I don’t own a CAR

  1. Good reasons not to buy a car. But I can go one step further. I don’t even have a driving license! Not for a car or a two wheeler. In fact, I don’t even know how to drive a scooter – I rely on my wife to drive me around when we go out 😀

    And I’ve always gotten motion sickness ever since I was a kid. I hate the smell of car interiors…

  2. get a second-hand car n drive, both car n the ppl around, crazy…
    practice for a few months in the city traffic and you’ll be the queen of raods… 🙂
    least expensive and most beneficial…

    think, now or when…???

    ‘ve fun

  3. the 4th and fifth actually do matter a lot. :-).

    One more thing You can always boast of reducing the carbon foot print as well…….

  4. Congratulations! I have reviewed “Je Suis Blogging ” and I’m pleased to inform you that your blog has been added to Blogging Women.

    I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog post (still have more to go through) and look forward to future post.

    Welcome aboard and continued success with this blog.

  5. Indian cities are not for driving pleasure. But if you think Chennai has bad drivers just visit Gurgaon. It’s horizontal gravity, meaning vehilcles drive wherever they find a spot on a road. It doesn’t matter if, during the process they are going on the wrong side of a road , others have to accept it. The roads are bad all over. So if you decide not to drive that’s quite sensible. Many foreign companies in India do not allow their staff to drive [Take a cab, that’s safer , is the directive]. The main reason is that they will not be able drive here.

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