5 Women I Like

The idea to write this post came in a jiffy when I woke up today.During the 15 minutes train journey I was trying to find out those 5 “lucky” women 🙂

My Mom is an awesome story teller.My brother and I grew up listening to stories which had she studied during her school and college days.During Sundays,both of us would listen to her stories and then fall asleep.

Rani Laxmi Bhai

I think during my school days,I got the guts to fight with boys and the talent to head a class or squad from Jhansi Ki Rani.The stories about her inspired me to be brave and assertive.So even when boys were not ready to take up a responsibility or do something daring,I was always there to make them embarrassed.. 😉 ;)Whenever the world says that “Don’t try it!!Only boys do these things”,it was a rage for me.I will make sure that people will say in the end that “Waah!!a girl did it..” 😀 😀

Kamala Surayya a.k.a Madhavikutty

During my teens,when I read about the explanation of a women’s desires and feelings I was overwhelmed with fascination and admiration.A woman need GUTS to openly tell the world about her sexual desires and dreams.Even when I write or talk about women issues which so many don’t dare to,I think Madhavikutty do influence me.

You should read her autobiography “Ente Katha” or “My Story” for sure.


When complexion gives you a headache and then plants seeds of jealousy and depression,it was Kajol who came to rescue me.She taught me that fair skin and threaded eyebrows are not necessary for being beautiful.It is the cleanliness of your mind and your energy level that makes you look beautiful.

I had more proposals than my “fair-skin-lady” friends and guys do admit that they fell for my character and not my looks 😛 😛 😛

Oprah Gail Winfrey

When life and relationships started going out of my control,I learned to look down at my losses by comparing with what Oprah had to undergo.Even after suffering a lot during her childhood and teens,if she could make a place in this world,then why don’t I give a try?? 🙂


There is nothing more that I can write about her because I am a part of my Mom.What I am today,Good or Bad,is because of her.


24 thoughts on “5 Women I Like

  1. They truly are heroes in their respective right and people you look up to and who give you strength in some way.
    I liked this line a lot “She taught me that fair skin and threaded eyebrows are not necessary for being beautiful.It is the cleanliness of your mind and your energy level that makes you look beautiful.”

    And the next line after the one in quotes was interesting too 😛


  2. Madhavikutti is very close to heart. I have her entire collection which i must have read around 50 times. And yet with every read, she shows new hidden thresholds. You can actually Alienation, frustration, grace, love, beauty, jealousy, sacrifice, honesty, courage, irrationality, insanity – in short Madhavikutty of Nalapattu. Amazing woman! I wish I could have met her once. I could have. But I didn’t, one of the biggest regrets in my life!

  3. Kamaladas was more beautiful than a thousand Miss worlds put together. The courage to speak her heart, to communicate her deepest desires made her a beauty.
    Nice post

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