Time Machine

I was having a great time in Ayodhya.I landed there wearing a Sculler’s blue striped top and a faded black Lee Cooper jeans.The people surrounded me as if they saw an alien.I was getting a heart attack seeing the people of Dasaratha’s kingdom.Within two minutes,half of the city’s population was around me.They were looking at my attire,my camera,my back pack,my jewellery….I don’t know what all.

I tried smiling at them,but they were scared of me.But then in few minutes I understood why they are surrounding me.They have kept me in captivation till the King’s guards come.Then there came some ten guards on their horses and they took me in custody.

I was again amazed to see the way Ayodhya was a million years ago.The city was decorated with flowers and people were dancing with joy.Though I couldn’t understand what was happening,I still tried smiling at one of the guards.He glared at me as if I am a spy. 😦

There I reached the palace of King Dasaratha which was wonderfully decorated.The palace and the surroundings were crowded as if some celebrations were going on.

I asked one of the gaurds about it.He told me that Ram married Sita and they are coming to Ayodhya that day.He sounded as if why did I land on such an auspicious day to increase their work.

They kept me in custody until late night.Later I was produced in the court on King Dasaratha’s order.

I screamed out of surprise and joy.The court was beautiful and awesome than what we have seen in the movies.Their attire and mannerisms made me collapse on the floor out of happiness,surprise,joy and excitement.

It was then the King ordered Ram to take a decision on me.

I looked into Ram’s eyes and screamed OMG!!! with complete devotion and again collapsed on the ground;this time due to devotion.

But Ram understood that I am from the future and explained the court about me.I was made their guest for the day.I was also invited for their post wedding celebrations next day.

I took photos of almost everything till me three 2GB memory cards got full.The painters who were sitting and copying the celebrations were amazed to see the photo preview in my camera.Sita was the most beautiful woman I ever saw in my life.

The food was yummy and I ate till I felt like my tummy would burst.

Later when I was about to take a nap,my phone showed”Snoopy calling……”


Snoopy:”Where the hell are you?

Me:”Sssshhhh..I am in King Dasaratha’s palace.I just attended Ram’s wedding celebrations.I took LOADS of pictures.I will show you when I am back.

Snoopy:”Are you mad?

Me:”What are you saying?Listen I can come back only if the King permits me.

Snoopy:”You better open the door.How many times should I knock on the door??What are you doing inside?” 😡

Me:”Inside??” 😡 😡 😡

Snoopy:”You better wake up now…

I opened my eyes and saw bright red satin curtains and red cushioned sofa and black soft pillows.Whoa!!what a royal room they gave me to take a nap.

Then suddenly I was the fan,then the TV,then the couch..OMG!!!

I woke up all in a sudden.I could hear him knocking on the door and pressing the calling bell simultaneously.

I got up from the sofa and a heavy book fell down.

Puranic encyclopedia…Chapter 12..Ram’s wedding..”

I felt like I will collapse..this time due to tension.. 😦

I opened the door and Snoopy came inside without uttering a word.He saw the book on the couch and then looked at me.

I prayed “Oh Ram”

He stared at me for some seconds and started laughing…

“So how was the wedding party??”He asked.

I blushed. 😀


12 thoughts on “Time Machine

  1. Reminds me of an episode in a series called “South Park” where a boy goes into the past to view a historic event 🙂

    What do you think Ram himself would have said about this whole Ayodhya issue in politics?

  2. hilarious…but is it really a dream?..or some creative piece.. so much drama in one dream..
    I’ll post one on my dreams soon..cldnt believe that I could dream something like that..

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