My new electronic friend

This happened back in 2022.I pulled Snoopy out of the bed on a cloudy saturday evening for shopping.

He gave a “why me?” look.He is lazy to come out for shopping,especially if the main agenda is buying my clothes.He will be tired of commenting on the bag of clothes which I take into the trial room.

“Hey,there is an exhibition of home appliances at the CTC.Come lets go”,I said.

His face became bright and wide.He is a big fan of electronic goods and home appliances.More than that,these things come home only with his approval;but he doesn’t have a control over shopping my clothes. 😉

He started giving me weird looks by seeing the same old appliances.It was then we saw a huge cooking range.I am not sure whether to call it as a cooking range or a cooking machine.


I screamed out of surprise after hearing its working,An automated cooking machine.

This machine is 6ft in height and 1ft in width.It got 7 drawers and each consisting small cubicles inside.The top layer has a water inlet behind like we got for the washing machine.The top layer stores cooking oil.2nd layer has space for the curry powders.The spaces are labeled and we have to store it accordingly.Vegetables are kept in the 3 rd layer.We should wash and cut the vegetables needed for the curry and then place it in the drawer.In the 4th layer,we can add flour and the 5th consists of chappati maker.Rice can be kept in the 6th layer and the 7th drawer acts as a frying pan,cooker,baking machine,oven according to the choice we select.

That’s it,we bought the cooking machine.

We didn’t have our usual saturday dinner out,instead came home to experiment on this.

I filled all the necessary items for chappatis,dal and gobi-65.When I clicked on “flour”,atta was taken from the drawer.We took out the working manual to know the internal operations.The flour is mixed with necessary oil,water and salt.Then dough is made and it is converted into equal volumes of small balls.A piston is pressed to make chappatis of radius 6cm.We can adjust the piston to suit for Poori and Naan.Then the chappati is placed in the pan and cooked.We we heard the “Click” sound,we could see a tray coming out from the 7th layer with hot and puffy chappatis.

We had a yummy dinner with chappatis,dal and crispy gobi-65.

But I am little sad because this one could cook only vegetarian foods.My demand is that they should make the next version which will accommodate non-vegetarian cooking. 😀 😀 😀

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