Whose mistake?

Now what did she do to suffer this?It is painful to see a kid in this condition.

Why do these “war-lovers” ignore it?Are they heartless??I thought they were just brainless.

I read this in today’s Hindu newspaper.


Whose mistake???

Whom to blame???


😦 😦 😦 😦

10 thoughts on “Whose mistake?

  1. A sad thing indeed. But even the soldiers cannot be blamed. The military force is just a puppet in the hands of the administrator and the politician and the law maker above it. No soldier likes war.

  2. There are so many who actually think that war is “assertive.” They rail against peace (which is a dirty word to them and indicative of cowardice.)

    I can’t understand it. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that they no longer view their “enemies” as humans – just “the other guy”. Children included.

    1. That “just the other guy” mentality is the problem..
      I don’t understand their “idea” of war..
      What are they going to get killing these people?civilians should be avoided..it should be like the old war rules..the army fights with the army alone..

  3. I guess it is no ones mistake. just our prarabdha karma but then till we are not into spirituality we will not understand that. But as a worldly person we are very disturbed and abhor violence. It is required that we condemn such stuff, that too is our prarabdha.

  4. I just cant stop myself being different..i know it doesnt burn much grey cells to agree with you..
    now just imagine the same kid’s dad knows who did that to the kid..and the perpetrator is residing at the door next to him..what is the natural reaction..i heard revenge..is it not?..so it just doesnt stop..

    Now the so called war lovers you referring are not aliens..even they are human..most of them do believe in GOD..would have read..Quran/Bible/Gita whatever..everyone knows whats good and bad..even the holy crusades were fought for some noble cause(their definition)..as some one said..”Even honesty is stupid if everyone is going to be dishonest except me”..so you just cant help but attack..so the wars happen…so you blame GOD..cos being born there was not your choice..
    having said all that..my heartfelt condolences to the kid..InshaAllah she lives happily atleast the rest of her life.

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