This year Onam is on 23rd Aug i.e. on this coming monday.

Onam is the biggest festival of Kerala.Like every other festival,Onam is also having a mythological connection.

The story goes like this…

Mahabali was an Asura King ruling the Earth.As his father Prahlad was a devotee of God Vishnu,Mahabali inherited good qualities which made him equal to the Devas. The people in the country were happy in Mahabali’s ruling. It was then,the Devas complained Vishnu about the chances of Mahabali becoming the ruler of the three worlds.During this time,Mahabali had decided to do a Viswajith  Yaga and declared that he would be giving away whatever was asked during the yaga. To experiment Mahabali and to find a solution to the complaints of Devas, God Vishnu will take the form of a Vamana(Brahmin boy).Vamana visited the  Yaga site and he was honoured with great respect.When asked for Vamana told Mahabali to give as much land covered by his three-foot steps.Mahabali agreed for it. To everybody surprise,Vamana grew touch the heaven.In the first step, he covered the Earth and covered the Heaven in the second.There was no place to keep his third step. So the humble Mahabali told Vamana,the God Vishnu,to keep his third step on  Mahabali’s head.Vamana pushed him down to the Patala. As a last wish,Mahabali asked for the permission to visit his subjects every year. Onam is celebrated to welcome Mahabali.

The celebrations will start nine days before Onam.From the day of Atham,flower carpets will decorate every house courtyard.Then on the 10th day,on the Thiruvonam day,Onam is celebrated.It is believed that Mahabali will visit us that day.

The preparations will begin early morning starting with the prayers and making of flower carpet.Below are some major highlights of Onam celebrations.

Onam Pookalam(Flower Carpet)

Onam Sadya(Feast)



Vallam Kali(Boat Race)

How much ever I stay far from Kerala,I love this day.I have some emotional attachements with certain things in Kerala.Check out the below collage.

Now I am counting days.. 🙂

21 thoughts on “Onam

      1. HI Bhavia,

        The information on ONAM festival was very nice and informative for outsiders like us…i love the story.I was thinking onam is a festival celebrated by entire kerala people before i read your artcicle,now it shows that the story behind the festival falls on Hindu methology..Very good..

        Thank you


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