Rainy Days

Yesterday was such a beautiful day.In the morning, I opened my eyes and looked out of the window.It was still raining.I felt like sleeping for some more time.The sound of the rain water dropping on the parapet was noisy but sleep was holding me back from getting up from the bed.I wrapped myself fully in my favorite thick black quilt.

It was 9 am when I woke up from sleep and it was still raining.I dressed like Ceaser using the blanket and got out of the bed.I could hear my parents discussing about something in the newspaper.I looked for my brother and saw him in sound sleep.So I lay next to him and sneaked into his quilt.For some minutes I watched the bedroom curtains dancing in the cold wind but they made me sleep again.

My brother and I woke up at 10 am cursing the one who invented/discovered breakfast.The water is so cold that both of us threw weird looks to each other standing in front of the wash basin for brushing our teeth.We both were shivering in the pricking cold and went downstairs for breakfast.But the hot milk and “Idiyappam with stew” gave us the energy to beat the cold.

After breakfast to check out the newspaper we curled up in the couch.We wrapped up ourselves in the quilt showing only our faces and read the newspaper.Though mom has called out for bath,we have acknowledged it like snoozing the wake up alarms.

Bathing was the toughest job at anytime and during rainy season its like a torture.Though we take a shower in hot water,we were still lazy to take bath.The moment we dry ourselves,we will again get inside the quilt with our jigsaw puzzles or comics.

It is awesome to have an early lunch and then sit on the sofa next to the balcony.Sitting there we could see the overflowing river which is 500m away.We used to love the “voice” of the river.The rain made the trees greener and the climate more colder.Keeping two cushions of on both the ends of the sofa,we lay down facing each other discussing about latest cartoons and comics.

By the time,mom comes up to the balcony searching for us,we will be asleep.But we will be waking up in the bed,and you know how 🙂

Again,it’s hot milk but with salted and roasted cashews at 5pm.We went out for play as rain God was be kind enough to take rest for sometime.We were back from play by the time Tom & Jerry started on the TV.

Again a hot shower with our toys ate away another one hr.

Dinner was ready by the time we finished off one more cartoon after the shower.It started raining again by the time we got back to bed.We slept wrapped inside the quilt hugging our toys.


Again,today morning I woke up and looked out of the window to see that it was still raining.Sleep was holding me back to the bed but suddenly mom held me against the sleep.I woke me up completely.I looked out for my brother and he was still asleep.I felt jealous of him. x-(

Today my 4th std class is starting and I have to go to school.Since its rainy season,he doesn’t have play school.

Stupid summer vacation..I want “Monsoon Vacation” 😦 😦

6 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. Nice post Bhavia! Reminded me of my school days back in Chennai and thise rainy days with my sister. The good part was by August first week, we would have heavy rains and our mid-term exams often get cancelled due to rain 🙂 Wishes to you!

  2. i’m borrowin this frm u;
    ‘Stupid summer vacation..I want “Monsoon Vacation” 😦 :(”

    relly, it was my wish..
    so nostalgic….

  3. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    i’m borrowin this frm u;
    ‘Stupid summer vacation..I want “Monsoon Vacation” 😦 😦 ”

    relly, it was my wish..
    so nostalgic….

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