Role Model

Last night,during my bed time reading I was skimming through a women’s magazine.I read an interview with Priya mani who shot up to fame with the Raavan/Raavanan movie.After reading a question about role model,I was thinking about the woman I admire in my life.

There was only one face that I could remember of,the face of a woman I have been seeing from my childhood.

She was born in a very poor and orthodox family.Her life was limited to school,temple and kitchen.Though she was good at her studies,she grew up hearing from her mom that how much ever a girl studies,she will end up in the kitchen cooking for the family.But she was determined that she will work bold enough to make her life a better one.Even when her friends got married at the age of 13 and 14 she refused to drop her studies.The whole family advised her that she won’t reach anywhere.They persuaded her that she won’t get a good husband if she continue her studies.But she had the courage to talk for herself saying that if her brothers could study in a college and then do a job,then she could also do so.

She fought against doing an early wedding.Though her relatives teased her showing her peers’ kids at the age of 15,she was adamant and bold enough to tell them that she would have a family life better than they have ever dreamt.Nobody saw the spark of determination in her eyes.

She studied well ignoring the family discouragement and went on to become the first girl to top her class and college.She got her job before the college results were out.Thus she moved out to the city.She learned new things after coming to the city and understood that a woman is not somebody who should burn her life in the kitchen.She was happy to know that there are opportunities for a woman to grow up in her career.

She got married to somebody who was senior in her profession.They had a dream to grow high in their lives.Together they made it happen.Today she owns everything that she dreamed of during her young days.Now the same people who pulled her down,respects her when she go back to her native place.They even tell to their kids and grand kids about her growth in life.Some of them even point at her and show to their kids as their role model.

It was her belief in herself and the ability to dream for a good life that made her dreams come true.

Today she walks holding the hands of a big shot guy and with her two kids with proud and those souls who told her that she won’t even get married stand in awe.Today most of her school mates are great grand moms having no job and struggling in their lives.

I grew up hearing stories from her life.

She is the role model in my life.I learned to live a life from her.everytime I fell during bad times,it was her life that made me get up from the ashes of failures and fight with life.Today what I am, it is because of her.It is her courage,boldness and determination that is flowing in my blood.She is MOM..

Love you Mom…I am nothing without you.

8 thoughts on “Role Model

  1. A little more variety in the words , not high sounding words just different words- would have made this blog even better.Still its very touching because of the emotions with which it was written. Great going!

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