You and I are Indians

These days,I feel irritated when I watch news channels or when I read the newspapers.

My concern is about the common people.My worry is about the unnecessary loops of issues that they get into when they try to live their life to the fullest.The invisible inhibitions and constraints surrounding the common people make me mad at the news.I feel suffocated when I  think about the limitations that an average person have in his life and make me punch on my table with anger.

We all know about the juicy and celebrated wedding of the year;the wedding of Sania and Shoiab.There were too many protests in many parts of India but they got married happily.The protests dissolved in air after the wedding because both of them are famous personalities.Suppose,an ordinary girl wished to marry a Pakistani guy,then the people who protested for the aforementioned wedding must have killed the girl.All that could have happened was breaking news in the TV channels, a press conference by the protesters saying that they suspected the girl to have links with the terrorists and a column of news in the newspaper next day.The END!!!

Inter religion weddings and conversion of religion happen in the movie industry and politics without much hassles.They change their religion when they wish to or when they have to get a political party benefit or when they have to get a husband/wife.

But again common people don’t have the freedom for it.The 7 fundamental rights of an Indian is still in the Constitution book,unused by 99% of the Indians.90% people don’t even know the basic rights that they own by law.They consider it as a chapter in the 7th std Civics textbook.

So what are you waiting for??

Go…utilize your Rights..Constitution is written for Indians and Indians do include you and me and not just celebrities 😀

29 thoughts on “You and I are Indians

  1. i read your post , and i think you have done a great job and the issues you are talking about sure are valid . . .
    but , i have to say this , i had read this somewhere ” the people of a nation always get a government which they deserve ” , maybe we are ignorant and thats why we get an ignorant government , may be we don’t know our duties and that is exactly why our government does not know their .
    the bottom line is this will probably never change and one must find a way to live with it .

    1. Hi Rahul,
      Thank you for dropping in..I loved the quote mentioned..
      But we should change..we need some educated people to rule us..
      We can make a change..and we should do least for the next generation..

  2. Desi Girl and friends are highly educated and gainfully employed in high bracket. They knew all their fundamental rights and even those of others but what happened? The fine line called family, adjustment and happy life all rode over the basic rights…

    Desis are more interested in other’sproblems than their own because it takes away their attention from personal miseries. Personal problems are frightening and appear to have no solution without challenging the tradition…

    Special Marriage Act 1956 does not work for bigamy- there are hordes of film stars who have abused Islam to marry. Dharmendra, Mahesh Batt are the famous few.

    Desi Girl

    1. Yes,most of them see the individual rights below the personal problems and thats the root cause of the issues..
      But even then country have to change to one level that even the mere person know their rights and have the guts to fight for it..

  3. nice post, I can understand your irritation because of anguish the common man have to suffer. today media rather than providing news for the betterment of the society, engrossed in a rat race of having high TRF. They seem to be obsessed with spreading news about personal life and related issues. What nonplusses me is people are getting driven by such issues.

    When the fundamental rights are misused by media every possible way, India still needs a great deal of public awareness about using the rights, by common man.
    “jago baratio jago”

  4. The fundamental rights that we talk about are just talks. Look at the entire system in India, you can’t practically face it. The courts are useless and take ages, the constitution is just a book for the common man.
    My problem is a personal one but I would like to share here. I am married to a Pakistani who happens to be my second cousin as well. We live in a foreign land and our married since 9 years and have to wonderful Indian Kids.
    My wife cannot get a visa because she is Pakistani and India has security reasons. The CG of India sends all the papers of her visa application along with our passport details to get an approval from the Home Ministry, which is never returned. If they need to verify her address what else could be enough then our own Indian Passports.
    Security is a major concern for everyone but the common man suffers because the government is afraid to issue an X-Visa, a visa for a spouse, in case of a possible security threat.
    Where does these fundamental rights fit in. I know many Indians who have married to Pakistanis, have grand children to the extent of the years they have married and yet the spouse is deprived of a tension free happy life which is a fundamental human right.
    FYI, its been 60 days waiting for the visa approval and now I am going to miss my younger brother’s wedding. My wife doesn’t have a visa my 2 kids are cant travel without Mom.
    What can anyone do for these problems. The people sitting in public office, eg, the consulate are so arrogant and ignorant that they wont even comment on your status.

    1. Oh My GOD!!!
      This is terrible..
      Don’t worry my brother..Lets hope that things will be in an “improved” status at least in some years..
      I know this is just an optismism for we common people..What else to do? :(:(

      1. Lets see..planning for a thorough research on this before mailing anyone..May be I will get some “meat” in the end 🙂

        Thanks for this idea..

  5. I have written letters to the local press but it does not matter. I have sent a letter to Zee News and Star, have written blog posts that someone out there might create a documentary or something on issues like these that are disturbing to the common man. National Security is more of a concern to us common people rather then the protected politicians but NATIONAL SECURITY is NOT equal to treat everyone as a suspect.
    It would be better is the government would rather take help of the common man on national security rather than treat him as a suspect.
    @Bhavia There is no country in the world that would deny a visa to the spouse on basis of nationality. At least one that I would know of.
    Am going to miss by bros wedding on Thursday.
    I do urge our Indian Bloggers to escalate issues like these by writing about it. I know at least 5 couples who are having the same problem after years of marriage.

    1. Let me try doing a research on this.I am sure there will be some way to get this solved.

      It is sad that you gonna miss your bro’s wedding 😦

  6. This a truly great post and may be one that is followed up to see what happens

    A comrade e-mailed this link the other day and I am eagerly anticipating your next content. Keep on on the fantastic work.

  7. Indians basically are very law abiding and simple people. Most of them are not aware of their fundamental rights leave alone fighting for it. Thanks to RTI some element of accountability is enforced on the wrong doers but we have to go a long way. Thanks for promoting my post.

  8. The Sania wedding – if I had seen one more news clip on that one, I am not sure the TV would still be intact. Sometimes the media really has nothing better than do. You need fuel after all, to drive a 24/7 channel.
    As for the celebrities getting away with it all, India has never dwelt on the dark side of idol worship.

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