Something to Ponder

When I was commuting from Tambaram,I had a lot of opportunities to hear and eavesdrop to many stories..But now since it is just four stations that I have to travel,makes me unsatisfied with lesser stories..But yesterday I found something interesting..

A woman and her daughter were sitting next to me in the train yesterday morning..The daughter has just entered 10th std.I could make out from the conversation that inspiration speech is going on..The lady is talking about success to her daughter..I could hear the word “success” in many variations and tones..

After getting down from the train I was pondering about the success.

Does the success actually have a meaning?

Reaching office,before logging into my office mail,I checked the meaning of success.This is what i got..

But this is just the word meaning of the word success..It doesn’t  help anyone..

According to me there are two things in this world for which it is difficult to find out the meaning..


The reason behind such a conclusion that these two differ from people to people and time to time..

What I consider as success may not be success for you..At the age of 10,becoming a school topper was success for me..but at the same age you must have considered success as becoming a sports champion..when I grew up the definition and the span of success changed..the meaning of success of changes daily..

It is the same for happiness too..When I was a kid,if I get a chocolate I was happy..But today,the meaning I give for happiness is something entirely different..

Though,we grew up hearing about success,of course not knowing what it was,at least to the next generation,let us be very specific..Also,let us not create successful targets and happy moments for them..Instead let them find out their our success and happiness..Otherwise they will never know what makes them successful in life and what makes them happy..

Let us not generalise things and make them believe that if they get a 1st rank in school,that is success and that is happiness..Instead let us teach them how to success in life by keeping personal targets..Let us show them to be happy by small achievements before taking the giant leap in the first attempt and go into depression..Let us make them aware that it’s part of life and our life is happy or sad by the way we take things in life as happy and sad 🙂