Whhuaaa!!I love it..

Its mouth-watering when I think about it..ooooooooh..ahhhhh..it is so yummy!!!

At times,I wish I were a village girl just because I want to eat fresh and ‘natural'(with no pesticides injected) RAW mangoes.. 🙂 🙂

During summer holidays,it was usual for my brother and I to pluck raw mangoes from the mango tree which was there right in front of our house..We used to eat it with salt..

But,always old is Gold..Since we stay away from our grandparents,these village recipes were unknown to both of us..During one vacation when my grand mom came home,she introduced us to one of the wonderful tastes on earth..

She sliced the raw mangoes;the one in which the seed has not formed yet,into small cubes..

Then..salt,chili powder and little oil are mixed to form a paste..

Like how we eat finger chips dipped in mayonnaise..dip these mango cubes in this chili powder paste and eat..


Thats it..water just oozes from our mouths..Then for two days our favorite pastime was eating mangoes..burning our mouth..but still addicted to the taste..

But we were punished as the nature’s call made us sit in toilets for long.. 😦 😦

Another way in which I love eating raw mangoes is when soaked in water mixed with green chilly sliced vertically and salt..Soak it for a day or two..Then,now and then eat it;like we both used to do during the childhood..rush to the kitchen from play..open the cup board..take a spoonful of mangoes and gobble it 😛

Now,is your mouth-watering????

But somebody please give me ‘natural’ raw mangoes??? 😦 😦

NB : There is no rule that only pregnant women can eat raw mangoes 😛 😛 😛

4 thoughts on “Whhuaaa!!I love it..

  1. I totally agree with you.. I have a mango tree right outside my terrace, where you can actually touch the luscious fruit. I had the picture up on blog sometime back..
    And kaccha kairi with salt and chilly, yummmm. Mangoes is the only reason I crave for summer to be back!

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