Goodbye Senthil

It is TIME that make changes
Changes in life,changes in looks,changes in likes
Life is all about changes,that makes our life
A different one..every day and every night..

Changes bring us gains and losses..
Also happiness and sorrow..
We love this life,bcoz life is different every second
Thats why it is called Life..

Yesterday,you made our impecunious life enriched
with your grey matter in work..
We called you “Dronacharya”;bcoz
Now what we know is what you knew..

Today,you are a part of our team..
Oh!!you are the TEAM..
There are smilies and energy flowing
making our Team,the best it ever could be..

Tomorrow,everything is different..
Time will make the changes
But all we can tell you..
Goodbye Senthil..We will miss you!!!!  😦 😦


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