Life Mathematics

A couple of days ago I was thinking about time that is making changes in our lives..Things in our lives are changing according to the time..looks,behavior,culture,beliefs,life style and much more..So I was thinking about how much more time do i have on this planet..{I know I am not that old to think about this reason but this thought made me think about a lot of unfinished matters and made me do crazy calculations at the middle of the night to find out how much time will I have of my own for rest of the life..

Suppose that I live up to the age of 70 years..Also imagine I will be doing more or less the same job that I am doing now till the age of 60.

My working hours : 10 hours at office+ 1 hour for commuting + 1 hour for getting ready and cooking = 12 hrs

My sleeping hours : 8-9 hours

Misc (cleaning,shopping,watching TV) : 2-3 hours

So by taking the lower limit,on a working day I get 2-3 hours a day of my own..

During weekends,

My working hours : 1 hours for getting ready for going out and 2 hours for cooking = 3 hrs

My sleeping hours : 9-10 hours

Misc (cleaning,shopping,watching TV) : 5-6 hrs with a more importance for cleaning and shopping

So by taking the upper limit,on weekends I get 10(5 hours on saturday and sunday) hours a day of my own..Out of 10 hours 5-6 hours go for my reading and writing..So remaining 4-5 hours..

Conclusion :

Weekdays : 2-3 hours

Weekends : 4 – 5 hours

I have 324120 hours to live till the age of 60.

In a week

I work for ((12+2)*5) + ((3+5)*2)  = 86 hours and I get free time for (2*5) + (4*2) = 18 hours

Till the age of 60,I have 324120 hours to live..

Out of this,I work for

86*52 weeks in a year = 4484 hours

4484 * 37 years to live = 165908 hours

My free time in a year = 936 hours

936 * 37 years to live = 34632 hours

That means,if in this way I work till the age of 60, 

My working time : 51.18% of my life time

My time for my passion and interests and friends : 10.68 %

And the rest  38.14% of my life time I SLEEP..

In short ,


NB : We have only one life,use it INTELLIGENTLY and EFFECTIENTLY.During the dusk of your life,you should never feel that you didn’t live a life for you..I am going to change from today..what about you??? :)Start calculating Guys!!!

6 thoughts on “Life Mathematics

  1. According to the research that I had done few years ago.this was the result.
    We spend the following % of our life this way.
    Sleep-37.5%,Education-6%,Working for material gains-18%,Eating,drinking etc-4%,
    Toilet,bath etc-3%,Travelling-7%,Sickness,etc-1%,Leisure&Social activities-8%,
    Armourous Acts-10%,Pleasureable activities-4.5% and for God(Religious Activities)-1%.
    I hope it says the same as you do.

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