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Again this topic or the matter for this post came up during a chat with Priya..I think for many of my posts, the starting point or the urge to write on that topic will be always provided by her..Since she is one soul who just doesn’t mind listening to all my stories, whether it is crap or sensible, she will listen to it without even a single an opposition comment.

So the topic for today’s post got clicked when I realized that my memory is too sharp.I was telling her stories about my primary classes.

After reading this post, if you could comment your memories about the same, it will GREAT.

The memories of the lessons that I studied in my primary classes are still my favorites.

I think it was in 2nd std(CBSE) that I studied about Kutchu’s Glasses.I remember, that year the English textbook had the stories of Kutchu, his wife Kamala(I’m not very sure about the name), his son Ramu and his daughter Sita.Among the chapters, my favorite was Kutchu’s Glasses.The story was about he searching for his glasses everywhere in the house and finally realizing that it was on his nose when he saw himself in the mirror.

Then in 6th std, in the Communicative English Text Book, there was a story named Pret in the House.The story tells about the pranks of a naughty Pret who will shift its living from the Peepal tree to the bungalow when the Peepal tree was cut down by the Municipality. It was a funny story.

Never Trust a Lady was one of the chapters in 7th std- English textbook. Once this chapter was over, my class guys used to shout it out as a slogan “never trust a woman”. It was a story of a high-class thief who robs rich people. He robs only once in a year. The stolen money was for buying the latest books that are getting released every year.Once, while stealing, he will see the woman of the house coming to the room.As she had to take a necklace from the locker and had forgotten the locker number, these two will get into a deal that she will not inform police if he could open the locker for her.But, next he was caught by the Police as they found his fingerprints around the locker as he had removed the gloves while lighting a cigarette for her.Only then he would realize that he was cheated by the woman.

There was a story about an old couple who fights over the husband’s habit.The husband was addicted to buying books, that too books with golden leather cover.He doesn’t have the habit of reading the books but he just loves to see all his books beautifully kept on his shelf.The old woman was too tired of cleaning and dusting the books. One day, out of frustration, she threw away the new pack of books he had bought the day before. When was back from his daily stroll, she showed him a letter which she found in one of the books. He ran out of the house to the garbage bin after seeing the letter. He was actually searching for the envelope of the letter. When he finds the envelope, he would jump out of joy. The envelope had a stamp which was the only one in the world apart from another person. Finally, they sold the stamp in an auction and bought a new house. In the house, the wife made sure that there is a big room to keep his favorite books and she decided not to fight with him ever on his “books-buying” habit.

NB: Kindly let me know if any of you have the textbook of Kutchu and his family.I would love to buy it.

36 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces

  1. hi, you brought back some memories.I have been looking for a reference to this story i remember from primary school english textbook. This story is about a party of animals where they’re discussing how cruel humans are. It struck me as a little chilling and not quite a children’s story. I’d be grateful if you could share ay information about it…tx,

  2. wowwwwwwww.. I was actually searching all over to find these 2 books.. 1). Kutchu and 2). The animals story where a baby bear will be celebrating his birthday and all the animals discussing about cruelty done by humans etc.. etc..

    Can anyone help?

    1. yes my mom used to admire when we answer the question “where did kutchu find his glasses”? Now i know what she meant by asking such questions to keep us glued to subjjects in spite of teaching life lessons like searching self not outside.,is one such Poem in our English books.

  3. Hi ,just got the memory of kutchu ‘s family and searched in google to find anything regarding that and found urs really happy to memorise those days when I was waiting for my father to come from work and to have timepass I used to read the english text all the time enjoying the characterisation really feeling happy that we didn’t have TV at that time in 1970’s so enjoyed at that time reading and now memorising them .

    1. Today while my wife could not locate coffee kept just in front in the kitchen I called her Kutchu and she asked me what Kitchu?
      I told her that i read this storie in 2nd or 3rd standard and told my daughters about this and they were also unaware about Kutchu.
      I wanter tell them about this and searched on Google and came across your blogs .
      It reminded me of Campion School in Bhopal where i studied till 3rd standard .
      Those wer the days !!!!!

  4. Thanks for bringing back some old memories 🙂

    I remember Kutchus glasses…i remember the cartoonistic picture too of kutchu in the book 🙂

  5. My colleague at work was just telling me the story of Kutchu and his glasses. He remembers it after all this time (he was suggesting I was just like Kutchu). I’d love to locate this old text book to but alas – all I can find on Google is pages like this one of people searching for the story.

    He suggested trying a second hand bookshop in Dehli. Perhaps that’s what I’ll have to do. Still I’d love to get a copy of this book for my children. Seems like there’s a whole generation of Indians who can recall these fables.

  6. Hi,
    I stumbled on to your post searching for the story of ‘Kutchu and his glasses’. I was telling the tale to my son, whose glasses were on the edge of his nose. The sight just brought the story to my mind. Wanted to share and let you all know, I am so happy to find people remembering our old textbook stories.

  7. Well then there is the story of Kutchu and his shirt – a shirt which has pocket one day and no pocket the next.

    I would like to recreate those stories, if we can’t find the books anymore.

  8. kutchu….. i still remember the doctor gave him a bottle of medicine for his sick grandmother. The bottle read ‘Shake well before use’. This fellow upon reading this vigorously shook his old sick grandmother before giving her the medicine..

    thanks Bhavia for bringing back the memories. hmmmm…….feeling nostalgic…

  9. I was thinking about this story today when I misplaced my glasses. Googled it and came across this blog. Took me back to 1984-85. 2nd standard in Army school Secunderabad. More than 30 years later, I still remember that story. And I am glad there are others like me too. Ohh what would I give to go back to those days!

  10. I am very happy to see Bhavia’s blog when I was searching for “The Kutchu’s Glasses”.It’s one of my all time favourite stories. I wanted to say this story for my kid at bedtime and was searching for it in Google, I found so many of them remembering their childhood textbook stories like me. I don’t know how many of you Remember one more beautiful story from CBSE (8-10) standard “The Gift of Magi ” . They both have very little money and how both of them buy gift for each other( Magi cut her long hair and sold it and bought watch chain as gift for her husband and he sold his watch and bought Magi hair accessory). This story touced me a lot.

  11. Hi Bhavia ,u said u will be glad to buy that textbook in an auction.
    I have a soft copy of C.B.S.E English text book which i read in 3rd standard .There is also one kutchu story in that .

  12. Hi!
    I just searched for Kutchu and this was the first result. My wife was looking for her phone while it was in her bag and I told her about Kutchu.

    Also looking for a story about muddle headed man that was in ncert English text book. Don’t remember which std.


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