Let their beliefs save them

Note : We all have our own beliefs and it is not wrong to be this way as long as it is sane and not harmful.This post is not intended to hurt anybody’s beliefs.

Half an hour back,while having a chat with Priya over the coffee,one strange topic came up all in a sudden..

She asked me about the “small cylinder like thing” which many of the mallus often wear..

Only while answering her,I realised that I have never worn anything of that kind..But,of course,I have seen those golden “cylinders” worn as a jewellery,mostly by girls..

Once in school,out of curiosity,I asked one of my friends about the reason behind this..

(I will never get the answer for such a question from my parents because they don’t encourage these kind beliefs and of course the reason that I don’t believe in most of the customs)

So coming back to the answer from my friend,I was told that the “cylinder” is worn to get rid of ghosts..(GHOSTS!!! I wish to see one 😛 )

Then started the real debate..

I was in a girls’ only school for two years and this debate happened there..

You could imagine the enthusiasm of some girls to argue over this topic.Here are few interesting answers which I heard during the heated rage..

1)Our death date is written in a paper and it is that paper rolled and kept inside the “golden cylinder”.Also if we open that “cylinder” then we will die that moment..

Waah!!!What an intelligent preists?Of course people will never try to open it fearing death and nobody is going to know what is inside it..

2)There is a chemical filled in it.The one who gave this answer was from a royal blood.. 😮 So this was worn to suicide when they were captured in war..

Suicide bombers must have taken their idea from her family i guess 😛

3)If we pray by holding the “golden cylinder”,whatever we wished will happen..

I wonder why she never topped the class or was at least good in any field  😦

After all this dramatic debate,one of my friends and I decided to open this much hyped “cylinder jewellery”

But,the problem was,there were no volunteers..

After so much of brain washing I made one of my best buddies to come forward,assuring her by saying “I am there for you and nothing will happen to you” 😛  😀

I had to use compass,divider,steel ruler and safety-pin to open it..


It opened it.I thought she may faint.But she didnt.She was all pale..looked like the best candidate for the fair&lovely Ad.. 😉

There was a paper roll inside it..girls started screaming..The one who argued against the death date was the one who jumped the more..if i remember correctly the opponent to the “death date” argument remained silent..as if she was waiting for my best buddy’s demise 😦 

I took the paper roll with the safety pin..opened wondering whether it was truly the death date..(To be truthful,I was little scared after seeing the paper inside it 🙂 )

The paper looked like many of our brains..he he..empty..nothing was written on it..just a piece of paper..

The whole class screamed..i have no clue whether it was out of joy or for something else..

Phew!!!I was relieved..moreover I was happy that I was true about it.. 😛

And..that was the last day I saw the “golden cylinder” worn by my best buddy 🙂 🙂 🙂

PS : Most of these beliefs have psychological effects on us.We always tend to believe what our parents tell us when we are young.If they are superstitious then the kids will grow up that way.All we could do is to find out the truth behind everything before believing things.If jewlleries like this could do wonders,then why did great personalities had to work hard to make their lives??


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