Cash and Cards

This has happened to everyone..but every time I hear such news I always thought this will never happen to me..

It was a cold Saturday night when my brother,Prasun, and I thought of having a lavish dinner just to make us feel a change from the usual one.

We took a long walk from Pondy Bazar to the Thanikachalam Road to find a posh restaurant which we have heard from our friends..It didn’t take much of our efforts to reach this place..While heading to this place I had already told Prasun that I am an impecunious one as it’s almost month end..But that seemed to be not a problem for Prasun because of his bank balance 😉

After receiving a very warm welcome from the security,we found a nice and cozy place at the corner;a table for two..

As it was a long walk;also because of the absence of evening food on our that day’s agenda,we thought ordering in a royal usual we didn’t forget to order a dish in our “try-out” section..




The food was too good that we forgot to talk each other..Awesome!!!! 😀


Then here come the closing ceremony for the dinner..the BILL..

Prasun took out his Debit card for paying..The waiter politely told us that their card reader is not working and showed us a board kept right in front of the reception which we didnt notice at all.. 😦


Both of us started mining in our wallets but since we are not used to keeping big amounts of cash with us,all we could do was to give a pathetic look to the waiter..

We asked them to know whether there was any ATM near by..

We were lucky to have one right in front of the restaurant..Both of us got of out of the place to withdraw cash from the ATM.The security of the restaurant was spying us to make sure that we don’t escape without paying the money..

Both of us got inside the ATM and Prasun pushed his card into the slot..

**** entered the PIN..




Only sound is coming from the machine NO CASH..

we thought may be the machine is out of cash..Pressed the cancel button..



Card is not coming out..our finger played salsa on the cancel button..but nothing worked out..card got stuck inside the machine..phew!!!!!!!15 minutes have gone by now..

The security crossed the road and came up to us..we explained him the situation..He seemed not to believe the story..

We were thinking and thinking..

Prasun went with the security to tell the restaurant manager..And I was waiting inside the ATM with the Trrrr.. sound in the background..

30 minutes passed,I tried calling Prasun but he was not picking up the phone..

I got pissed and kicked the ATM machine..Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..

Kluck..there it is the card..Hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😀 😀

I turned back to see Prasun and the security..I showed the card..Ho!!!we were relieved..

I don’t know why they actually believed us..but they took so much effort to drive us to find an another ATM and then drop us at our place..

May be this is called Customer Satisfaction..or may be they need their money 😛

But whatever..we learnt a lesson.

Card is NOT equal to Cash

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