Do you remember our 3rd STD and 4th STD classes, when we had to mug up spellings,synonyms and antonyms?Do you remember those classes where it was a daily ritual of dictations or question-answer rounds?

Those days, I learned the British language,especially the spellings, by looking at the advertisements seen in the TV or the writings on the shop boards.

I was a quick learner but the dyslexia (our Taare Zameen Par disease ) always made me fall into pits.Then one day, during the question – answer ritual, I had to tell the antonym of “ordinary”.

As usual, my mind searched the shop name database and the results came out as null pointer error.Then I searched the TV advertisement database.Wow got it!!!

For example, Ad of Lifebuoy Soap.Look at your body after taking bath with ordinary soap, germs still remaining.Now look at your body after taking bath in Lifebuoy Soap.NO germs.

Oops!!!That doesn’t have the antonym of ordinary.

Then I checked Lux Soap…in vain.

I searched in the Detergents Ad database.But again ordinary detergent and Surf Excel or ordinary washing soap and RIN washing soap.

God!!!What will I do now??

My throat went as dry as Sahara Desert.The whole class was thinking hard.The girl sitting next to me was giving me weird looks because if I don’t answer then ,of course, she is the one next in the queue.

“I’m Sorry Mam, I don’t know!!”

Talking about the Mam, it was her first class after joining our school.So I was more scared thinking about the impression,the bad impression,she was going to have about me.

She walked up to me.Then turned to the class and told that as it was her first class she doesn’t want to punish anybody.

…the antonym of “ordinary” is


I was relieved when she didn’t punish me.

“Thank you,Mam”

PS : She didn’t have bad impression about me through out the year.Dyou know why???

I made sure to score 100 marks in English that year(Tensions of a 3rd Std kid 😦 )

A related piece of memory..

We had “spelling time” daily for five minutes.Teacher will pick somebody and she will tell us to write the word on the black board.I thought it was my day when teacher asked me to write “vegetables” on the board.I was very confident because I have seen “Bhaskara Vegetable Shop” on my way to school..Very confidently with my head up, I walked up to the blackboard and wrote on the board.Mam asked me like Amitabh Bachan’s KBC whether I am confident or not.

No confusions at all..”Yes,Mam,I am confident”.She walked towards me and held my shoulders and with pride and happiness,I kept my head even higher.But then I saw her bangled hands reaching below my shoulders and her red-nail-polished nails made a deep impression on my hands.

Phew!!!I got a pinch on my right shoulder.

ouchhhh 😦

I couldn’t make out what went wrong as she didn’t tell the correct spelling too.

Then on my way back home,I checked the board of the vegetable shop..It was written

Bhaskara “Vegeatable” Shop

Now whom should I blame for the pinch??? 😦 😦 😦

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