Maternal love

Have you ever tried booking flight/train/bus tickets for the months –  April,May,September or December?We won’t get a ticket unless we plan the travel well ahead of rest of the crowd or we put in some hard work to fight with the travel agents.

So what is special about these months?

It’s the vacation time for the schools.April/May,the long summer vacations,September,the Onam vacation(in Kerala),and December,the Christmas vacation(All over the world I guess 😛 )

The panic over the tickets is due to the well predicted visits to our relatives,especially to the paternal sides and maternal sides.

I remember the races we made those days to spend half a day or a day at both the houses.

But here comes the difference;I simply love my maternal place.My brother and I always made excuses so that we ended up staying a day more at my mom’s place.

There is a lot to tell about the location of the maternal house.A small forest acts a natural wall for the house  and eventually making the place get a natural air conditioning effect.Thus the courtyard makes a favorable atmosphere for us to play even during post lunch hours 😉

The house has a vast,to be very truthful it is really vast ,courtyard and my grandma spends an hour in the morning to sweep it.The exfoliating atmosphere with a garden in front of the house and the thick trees behind the house make this place the best for a holiday.

Even though getting up early in the morning is like a punishment,when we are at Mom’s place ,even without an alarm we wake up at 5am and then go to the river for bathing 🙂

Wow!!!the river is amazing;not very deep but not very shallow too.Though the water water will be freezing cold we would still  jump in to it.Now this is a confession.I still don’t know how to swim but I can do some techniques to make it look like I’m swimming in the river.Now that’s a mutual understanding between the river and me 😉 😛

By the time we walk back and reach home,grandma would have made the breakfast ready.It will be rice porridge into which coconut milk is poured.There will be pappad;that too toasted in a kiln.The best part is the spoon which we used to drink the porridge.Grandmom made spoons out of Jackfruit tree leaves.After the porridge comes the second round of the breakfast.(Remember..we are suppose to eat like a King for the breakfast 😀 )Next set is the Parotta and the tomato-onion curry;both the tomatoes and onions plucked from the vegetable garden next to the house.oops!!!parotta is made from the flour bought from cousin brother Babu’s shop.

Then time competes with the jet plane to move faster.

Lunch time aka Lunch break from our games.

Since rice and vegetables are not bought from shops,we get the tastiest lunch we can ever eat.Even chicken is not bought from the shop as Grandmom raises a lot of them.

We will nag the elders to take us to the small rubber estate we own in the evening.We walk all the way up to there,run around between the trees,watch the workers collect the rubber milk from the trees and the best watch is how the rubber sheets are made from the rubber milk.

By the time it is 6pm,we will take bath and pray for sometime and then talk about the heroic stories done in school.We make sure to boast about the marks which we scored in tests and then gossip about relatives.

Once we are done with dinner,there comes the tragedy part.The next morning we need to go back to our own houses,leaving grandmom behind,leaving all the fun and nice things we had.

It’s been long time that I have stepped in there.City life made me make compromises as I come home only for very short breaks;a break just enough for me to spend time with my family.Laziness is another curse which makes me restrain from going there even though it’s just 3 hours ride.

But today if there is one place which I would yearn to visit leaving all the tensions and the work behind,then it is my mom’s place..

It is very strange that why most of the people like their maternal place than their paternal counter part.I have heard from most of my friends and acquaintances that they just love to stay at their mom’s house.

Whatever I am know why?

If the same tradition and mentality are carried over,then my kids will be loving my house more than their dad’s..he he.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


4 thoughts on “Maternal love

  1. Nostalgic. I have had similar experiences in my moms place when I was a kid, now we have sold that house. sad.

    You should have given the name Nilambur in the post itself. What a fantastic place!!

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