Will you please do it for me??? :(

Last night,while going back home in a shared auto rickshaw,a female who is in her late twenties came running to get inside the rickshaw..

She was talking over the phone even while running to catch the rickshaw and dropped the phone while getting inside the auto rickshaw..

Trying to hear other people’s conversation is a bad habit..but as she was sitting next to me there was no other choice for me..

But all i could hear was please……pleeeeeeeeease..and the other variations of PLEASE..

There are only two types of people who will be at 10pm to 11pm at Tambaram..IT or construction workers..

She is an IT employee..after listening to her conversation i understood the problem she is in..She got an e-mail after she had left from office and was informed to her by some guy..Since she was the one completely responsible for replying this urgent,she asked him to reply from her mail..It looked like these guys had a very BAD day in office because of some migration process and she will be in trouble if the reply is not send in time..

She was begging him..She tried her best to convince him about the after effects of if the reply is not sent..

But that guy over the other side was so bl***y adament that he won’t help her..He was telling her that she was completely responsible to reply to the mail..Poor female 😦 She admitted it but still she was begging him to send a mail from her id..NO!!!NO!!!

She broke down with tears flowing like a water fall..The whole people sitting inside the auto is listening to her..There were some 4 IT people including me..We all looked at each other and empathized her..What else to do??? 😦 😦

After reaching home,i was pondering about this incident..I was thanking God to put me in a good team..

It is important to have good team mates at work place..They actually make your day..Good or Bad..according to them..You need them to make your work move to completion..both professionally and emotionally..

What would have happened to her today in the office????

No idea!!! 😦 😦

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