Bad kid :(

Daily, I was eager to get back from school by 4 so that I could watch the Disney world cartoons.Also it was a daily watch to see my grandpa sitting in our home’s sit out in his “charu kasera”(A wooden chair with long hand rests)The moment I reach home,I used to just dash into the house to switch on the TV.

Next second, he will shout at me because I will be getting inside the house with my shoes on 😉

Who cares???I will watch the TV along with my brother with the corn flakes bowl in the lap.As usual grandma will be shouting for no reason but again who cares???

There were times when he used to come with me till the main road while I was using school bus.

But those days, I was very embarrassed to walk with him.I will argue with him telling that I’m big enough to take care of myself.But still he used to come with us.He used to take care of us.He would stand at the bus stop till the school bus get out of his sight.Even after the bus has moved some 200m,I will see him staring at the bus till it vanishes off from his sight.

Those days,I was such a mischievous kid who used to think that association with old people is such an embarrassment.I had such a suffocating feeling till that day came.

That day,in my 7th std,he became ill suddenly.

After reaching home from school,there was nobody sitting there to wait for us.

He slept unconsciously most of the day;in that bedroom of his in the ground floor of our house.

Even at the worst condition of health,if my brother or I call him “achacha”(that’s how we called him) he would recognize us.He always responded to both of us.Even in such a terrible state he worried about how my brother and me will walk up-to the main road with no body to accompany us. 😦 😦

Then one midnight he left us and went to a world not reachable to any of us..

From then onwards I realized,what his love to us was.He was like a shade for us.My parents could go to work without any concerns.He was there to take us for evening walk(even though we used to protest 😦 )He was there to make sure that we were safe while at play.He was there to feed us when we were sick.


Why didn’t realize his love and care when he was alive?why didn’t I love him like I love him today?Where will I wash away the sin of being rude to him??

He loved us so much that there is nobody who could replace that place and the love and care given by him.

achacha..I’m sorry for being rude to you.It was my ignorance.

Forgive me.

I will always love you and you are the best grandpa in the world.

2 thoughts on “Bad kid :(

  1. Today’s children are like this only. Many feel ashamed in the company of elders! But as one grow old, wisdom sets in therefore you need not brood over or repent. The life goes on….

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