My Childish Passions

At Nungambakkam,before reaching the Choolaimedu high road,there is a small book store.Every time I go to Nungambakkam, I make sure to halt there for sometime and of course,I buy couple of books.

It is the only shop where I can get the Malayalam comic books Balabhumi and Balamangalam.

Though i miss the comic book Balarama and the much highlighted cartoon character soothran ,I still manage to be happy in life with the other two books;at times Boban & Molly too.

Even after completing a year of professional life,I’m still addicted to comics.It is not that I don’t read grown-up and matured man’s books but I feel happy falling into sleep by reading any of the comics.

People criticize me for loving comics even at my early twenties.

Some samples:-

Huh!!!Aren’t you tired of this stuff???They just change the names and publish the same stories again and again.

I think I should appreciate you for still being a child at heart.. 🙂 (Thank you!! 😀 )

You are never going to grow up.What will others think if you read comics?And that too Malayalam comics.(Phew!!!I have no answer for this one 😡 )

The truth is I love reading it.I’m happy to realize that I can change my moods and thoughts according to situations.I like the way characters are drawn in comics.I like the feeling that makes me a kid all over again.I like the way I fall into that dreamy world where there are Soothran,Vikru,Hoja,Boban,Molly,Mantri et al…

To all ONES who yell at me for reading comics,I DO IT BECAUSE I LOVE reading IT!!! 😛

10 thoughts on “My Childish Passions

  1. lol.. even now whenever i go home, i get Balarama and other story books from my little cousin sister(she is in 5th standard) and read them. And their mom is like, “mone, grow up!!”..;)

  2. great ,,,,
    i still read it…
    i always buy the balarama for my uncles kids who were in the 5th standard…..
    but i make sure to read it full before i give it to them……
    sometimes seeing me reading this ,,,, all says “വളർന്നു പോത്ത് പോലെ അയല്ലോടാ?”
    great i always reply with frooty ad. “വളർന്നിട്ടെന്തിനാ ? ”

      1. me too.. i was a big fan of the ” manthriyude thanthrangal” “shikkari shambu”…now those are missing these days…. but the new series like the SOOTHRAN and SHERu.. AKKU IKKU all are quite amazing…

  3. I love sootrakkaran Sootran and cute innocent Sheru , Balarama vayikkathe urangan pattatha Fridays enikkum undarunnu pandu ennokke marannu thudangi.Engilum eppo kittiyalum they are my favorites ippozhum.Shikkari, Mantriude thantrangal okke supper thane.

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